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02. avgust 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I have another 'little' haul for you... (go check out June and July's, if you haven't seen those yet). I intended to go on a spending ban, starting in July but as you can see from this haul, things really didn't go as planned. :) I mean I wasn't THAT bad and again, I managed to get most if not all products for a great price, but as of now I am 'sending' myself on a spending ban. I think I'll do a separate post on that (let me know if you're interested in knowing/reading more about that). :)

Again, I managed to get sucked in Look Fanastic's great deals and voucher codes, so I placed an order with them - I got some Antipodes products (mostly for my mom), some Benefit 'candy' (finally, we can buy Benefit products from Look Fantastic, Feelunique still has the stupid shipping restriction). I also got a new tube of Too Faced Better than sex (as a backup) and Tweezerman's Classic eyelash curlers. Other products were either from eBay or bought in our drugstores (or sent for review) - some of them I forgot to show in the group photo above. :)

While browsing through our drugstores I picked up got2b Rise 'n Shine hair spray from Schwarzkopf. I actually can't tell you why exactly I got this - I think the shiny bottle and the 'new' label on it, got to me. I actually have a full can of another got2b hair spray that I haven't used much at all... but I guess I really needed this one, huh. :) Anyway, I'll probably give the other one away and use this one - I prefer the smell of it and it's new, you know... ah, sometimes I don't even understand myself. :)

Then I made a huge mistake by deciding to browse around the new Bottega Verde shop. The lovely sales lady showed me everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. I also got a 50% off coupon as a new customer so I just had to get something. In the end I left with an amazing body oil - Black Vanilla. It smells absolutely divine and I don't regret purchasing it for a second. :)

After giving my mom my jar of the amazing Vanilla Pod face cream from Antipodes (it's a bit too heavy for my skin right now), she became obsessed with it and demanded I buy her a new jar asap. :) So I got her the large jar and also the Mini 'version' which comes in a cute little tube. The mini Divine oil was of course for me and after using it only once, I already know I'm going to love it.

Ever since I tried Caudalie's Beauty Elixir from the Must-have set I bought in June, I was dreading the day I would run out of it (it was only 30 ml of it, after all). I was contemplating weather to get the small bottle again or splurge on the bigger one (which is a better deal) and in the end decided to go big. :) I was a bit afraid of the price tag after seeing it on Look Fantastic and Feelunique (40 €!!!), but was relieved when I discovered it was actually much more affordable in our drugstores (28 €), so of course I bought it here (plus I had some coupons to use up). :)

After trying out Green Line's HydroMineral face cream and Micellar water I decided to try some other products from them and went for the Natural Clear Cleansing cream (it can be used as a cleanser/scrub or as a mask). So far I have to say I'm really liking it.

Another product I wanted to try out for a long time was Vichy's Eau Thermale - thermal water. I absolutely love my Serozinc spray from LRP and I really wanted to compare the two. I've only used it once but so far it looks like this water has nothing on Serozinc. A full review/comparison is coming soon. Oh, I was sent this for review purposes from Katja, Luna TBWA (thank you!). :)

Too Faced Better than sex has quickly become my HG mascara and I don't ever want to be without it, so I hurried up and ordered a back-up tube of it. This stuff is absolutely amazing, seriously... check out my review of it, if you haven't seen it yet. :)

My e.l.f. Mechanical eyelash curler was forced to retire (it wasn't in the best shape anymore - I've used the heck out of it), so I decided to try out something else. At first I wanted to go for Shiseido eyelash curlers, but since I was placing my rather huge order on Look Fantastic and not Feelunique, I opted for Tweezerman's and I have to say I am super impressed with them already. :)

And I also got some brushes - MAC 'dupes'. I got two 239 dupes and one 217 dupe. I haven't used them yet but they seem to be quite good, especially for the ridiculously low price. I hope they'll end up being great, like the random pencil brush I have from eBay - the best brush ever. :)

Can we say AMEN sisters?! :) I've finally managed to try out some of Benefit's products - Hoola and Dandelion were on my wishlist for the longest time, so I decided to get them first. I am planning on getting the Watt'S Up! highlighter and probably the Erase Paste as well (and a few other things...). I've tried both Hoola and Dandelion today for the first time and I am very pleased. :)

I've been pretty good with my nail polish obsession and haven't been buying nail polishes left and right. That's probably due to the fact that I now have quite a nice collection and have most of the shades I love wearing. But, lately I've been really into nudes - like every shade of nude I can find and when I saw (many, many swatches of) OPI's My vampire is buff, I had to get it. I literally ran into the drugstore to get it and... they didn't have it. They had all the other shades from this collection (Euro Centrale 2013), but not this one. So, I had to hunt it down and finally got it on Click2Chic. I absolutely love the shade and I've already done a manicure with it. :)

P.S. I'm now on the hunt for Don't Bossa Nova Me Around from the Brazil collection, so let me know if you've seen it anywhere (other than BeautyBay - from where I'll probably have to get it in the end). :)

Then I got a beautiful eyeshadow palette from I Heart Makeup. It was kindly sent to me from Lič (thank you so much!). I wasn't expecting too much from it, being spoiled with my higher-end eyeshadow palettes, but I have to admit, it is very impressive. I swatched it yesterday (which took quite a while) and I can't wait to create some makeup looks with it. :)

Some hair 'accessories' I got from eBay were these lovely Toni&Guy salon hair clips. I got them because of Mateja and her gorgeous, luscious, voluminous hair (I want me some of that too!). I'm going to try and create me some Victoria's Secret sexy hair using these babies... let's hope I'll be able to pull it off. :)

And last but not least is yesterday's little purchase. I decided to try yet another Green Line product - Natural Clear Tinted moisturizer. I got this because I tested it out in the store and it was actually my shade (or even a bit lighter) and that by itself is a miracle (I'm just so sick of these BB/CC and other tinted creams being dark and orangy). I've used it today and I'm not sure about it yet - I don't hate it but I also don't love it.

I also decided to pick up two Catrice products - the eye brow pencil (I think I saw a few of my fellow Slovenian bloggers use this/talk about it, so I decided to try it out for myself) and a new nail polish in the shade 04 Lost 'n' Roses. :)

So, here you have them... all my 'new-ins'. :) Let me know if your particularly interested in a certain product so I can bring you a full review as soon as possible. Have a lovely weekend (or holiday if you're on one)!

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  1. Jaz tud mam tale got2b sprej za lase in mi ni ne vem kaj ampak diši pa fajn :P

    1. No, jaz ga še nisem stestirala, tako da ne upam še nič rečt... diši pa lepo ja. :D

  2. Kako pa diši ta got2b lak pa če je kaj limast?

    Jaz sem pa na hitro videla na fejsu, da si napisala da Feel Unique pošilja Benefit k nam in potem razočarano videla da je še ban. Ne vem kako mi je uspelo Look Fantastic narobe prebrat :) Sem tud special edition kokoš :D

    1. Sprej diši lepo sladko, ne preveč osladno - težko opišem vonj, ampak morda je malo podoben vonju tiste pene v roza flaški (mislim, da jo imaš tudi ti). Limast pa še ne vem ali je ali ni, ker ga na laseh še nisem uspela sprobat. Bom kmalu probala naredit en post o negi/stylingu svojih las, pa ga bom tam potem ocenila. :)

      Hehe, ne, Feelunique je še naprej beden s to prepovedjo. Look Fantastic je pa mislim da kak mesec ali dva nazaj pod Benefit napisal da pošiljajo v UK in EU in sem bila čisto iz sebe. :D

      Aja, pa super da si zdaj tudi na Instagramu!

    2. Malina potem? I could live with that :) Pri Lee Staford, ki mi je po efektu zelo všeč, mi preseda težek vonj. Se ne mudi za oceno, but I'll patiently wait for it :)

      Seriously, ja, te prepovedi. Pa to da se ne da aerosole in parfume pošiljat k nam, no vsaj brez neke glupe velike poštnine :/.

      Delam zdajle še fb :) I'm getting all social all of a sudden. Bomo videli koliko bom zdržala, lol.

    3. Nekaj takšnega... meni res lepo diši. :D Mah ja, bedni so s temi prepovedmi. Sem vesela, da vsaj BeautyBay pošilja lake pa spreje. A pri Look Fantastic tudi ne smeš nič od tega naročit k nam?

      Super, super... kar bodi socialna. :)

    4. Ne, pri LF niti pri HqHair ne moreš naročat aerosolov :/

  3. Jaz pa ravno razmišljam da bi prodala Benefit Hoola. Ful lep, nevtralen odtenek ampak se mi enostavno ne da ukvarjat s tako temnimi bronzerji. Pa zelo priporočam Coralisto ali pa Rockateur + kremne senčke :)

    1. Veš da sem jaz na začetku tudi mislila, da ga bom morala naprej prodat, ampak se lepo obnese na moji koži, moram se pa malo bolj pomatrat z njim oz. bolj nežno nanašat. Bom naredila primerjavo s svojim HG bronzerjem - Too Faced Chocolate Soleil v Milk Chocolate odtenku, ki je res top za nas sneguljčice. :)

      Coralista pa Rockateur sta pa precej bleščeča a ne? Ker Dandelion ima malenkost bleščic, ampak se skoraj ne vidijo in mi je ravno zato všeč, če bi bilo pa več bleščic, pa ne vem če bi ga uporabljala. Nekako mi ne sedejo takšni blushi.

  4. Uuu, mene pa zelo zanima člančič o spanding banu- trenutno sem tudi jaz na njem, pa mi kar gre, sem vmes v 3 tednih kupila samo en RT čopič....

    Drugače pa super nakup in izdelki, tale OPI lak mi deluje čudovit, pa zgleda da bom morala probat kakšen naš Green line izdelek, sem se te znamki do sedaj izogibala, sem nekje slišala, da niso ne vem kaj.. ampak se je to zgleda spremenilo :)

    Pa to, da bo KONČNO bo možno naročat tudi Benefit, amen- se strinjam :D!

    1. No fajn, se bom potrudila čim prej spisat. Te pa že vnaprej opozarjam, da vsekakor ne bom tako zelo stroga in vem da si bom določene reči dovolila kupit. :)

      Ta OPI lak je zdaj praktično moj najljubši nude odtenek, res je čudovit. :D Green Line pa le sprobaj kaj, mene so res pozitivno presenetili.

  5. Saj tako je prav, da se vmes malo pocrkljaš, prestrogi ukrepi itak nikoli niso preveč uspešni :)