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06. avgust 2014

Hello darlings! Today I have another Lily Lolo product to review for you. I got this cute little pressed eyeshadow along with my purchase back in June (for review purposes). I got the shade Pinky Promise (is that a cute name or what?). :)

The eyeshadow comes in a beautiful, chic packaging (the new look of Lily Lolo) and actually has a mirror inside of it as well (very handy when you're on the go). It shuts/opens very securely, so there are no worries of it opening up, when you travel with it. I also managed to drop it on the floor and the packaging as well as the eyeshadow inside stayed perfectly intact.

The shade Pinky Promise is a lovely dusky, neutral pink that would suit almost every skin tone/eye color. It's not one of those hard-to-pull-off pinks where you need to be careful not too make your eyes look inflamed or tired. It's a beautiful, gentle pink with almost some brown tones to it, I really like it. :)

The formula is quite nice - very creamy to the touch and pretty pigmented. I say 'pretty', because it's not as pigmented as I'd like it to be - you need to build it up a bit to get the desired color payoff. I actually used a white base underneath it for the look I created bellow, because I really wanted its true color to show up (I'm regretting not using a white base underneath the duo I got, as well - would made the look so much better). I feel like all (even though I've only tried two) Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows have a great formula, but need a bit of help for the true color to show up. But it's not like these eyeshadows are the only ones - I use a white base underneath a lot of my eyeshadows, even high-end ones, if I feel like the color isn't showing up as well on its own (over a primer).

Anyhow... I really love how the look came out. I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a base, then applied Pinky Promise all over the lid and defined the crease/outer corner/bottom lash line with Nooner from my Naked3 palette. :)

And so my obssesion with Lily Lolo products continues... You really need to check out my collective review of the other products I got, if you haven't seen it yet. And I'll be reviewing the blush (Rosebud) very soon as well, so stay tuned for that. :)

Slovenian readers can get Pinky Promise or other shades of their pressed eyeshadows at LilyLolo.si for 9.90 € and foreign readers can reffer to Lily Lolo's UK page. :)

6 komentarjev:

  1. That's such a pretty shade. I love Lily Lolo, I discovered them a couple of months back and I'm about to put in another order and I want to buy everythingggg.

    Rosie x | www.eatreadglam.com

    1. It really is! :) Lily Lolo products are amazing, especially their foundations... I know how it feels to want to buy everything.

  2. Ful lep odtenek, jaz bi to kar na lička dala :D x

    1. Ja, če bi bila pigmentacija malenkost boljša, bi bil super odtenek za lička. :D