*Lily Lolo pressed blush in Burst Your Bubble

22. oktober 2014

Hello there my lovelies! Today I'd like to share with you a stunning new product from Lily Lolo. I'm talking about one of their new pressed blushes in the shade Burst Your Bubble (is that a cute name or what?). :)

| This blush is a real winner in my book! |

I was really excited to try out this blush (or any other shade for that matter), but at the same time I had my doubts. In my experience, companies that make great mineral makeup (as in loose mineral foundations, concealers and other products) tend to be really bad at making those same products in pressed form - as in the pressed products seem to lack the creaminess and pigmentation we've (I've) come to expect. Thankfully though, this blush is a real winner in my book! :)

The shade I've received (Burst Your Bubble) is described as a matte, bubblegum pink and I would have to agree with that description, except for the matte part. Now don't worry, it's not shimmery either, but it does have a wonderful, subtle sheen to it - I can definitely see it when I apply it on my cheeks (when I look at my self up-close) and I believe it can be seen in the swatch bellow.

| It has a wonderful, subtle sheen to it... |

The formula is amazing - very pigmented but not to a point where you have to be careful with it (like for example Illamasqua blushes). And that's something I really love about it - I don't want to 'drill a hole' into my blush to get some color out of it, yet I absolutely hate blushes that are so pigmented you need to be careful and just barely touch them with your blush. This is just right in the middle. :)

I'm also very happy with the packaging - the new design is just so chic and practical at the same time. It also has a lovely, quite big mirror inside that you can actually use.

| I'm absolutely in love with it and I've been using it all the time. |

There are however just a few downsides (at least from my perspective). Even though the packaging is lovely and compact, the whole thing is just really small for a blush. I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing brush (which is quite a small face brush) and I can barely swirl it around. It looks more like an oversized eyeshadow than a blush to me. And it also smells pretty weird (and that's how all the pressed products from Lily Lolo smell, not just the blush - I guess it's due to the lack of any kind of 'artificial' fragrances). But, other than these two things I'm absolutely in love with it and I've been using it all the time.

If you like the shade, you can get it here for 12.69 € (full price, look out for sales). If this one is not for you, you can choose from 4 other shades as well. :)

6 komentarjev:

  1. I love Lily Lolo and I've got my eye on their blushers, this shade looked perfect for me. But I really need to work my way through some of the blushers I've already got first.

    Rosie x www.eatreadglam.com

    1. I hear you... :D I currently own 4 blushes and I really need to remind myself to use all of them, but when you have even more it can become quite an issue. :D

      This is however a gorgeous blush and it really impressed me...

  2. U vau, res luštna barva, moram mal počekirat tudi njihove blushe, za enkrat imam samo puder, pa je super, drugega pa še nisem probala...

    1. Zaenkrat me ni še nič od Lily Lolo razočaralo... Do zdaj sem sprobala že podlago (ki mi je top), blushe (v prahu in kamnu), senčke, duo za obrvi, glos in šminko - vse je super. :)