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24. oktober 2015

Hello darlings! I've been a really good beauty junkie for the last... almost nine months and didn't really buy much (if any) makeup or other beauty products (I guess that was because I was busy buying baby stuff) but now, after such a long time, all hell broke loose and I've been on a shopping spree for the last few weeks. :) I actually didn't buy anything I didn't need or at least didn't really, really want, so it's not THAT bad. Anyhew... let's see what I hauled in, shall we?

As you've probably already seen on the blog, I've been really impressed with L'Occitane lately and got a bunch of stuff from them. The two products from their new Aromachologie line were sent to me, but everything else was bought by me. I was in need of a new toner and face cream, so I went with the light cream from the Shea butter line and also the toner. I might get the cleansing milk also and maybe the heavier cream, when I test it out (I got a bunch of testers to try).

I also got almost all products from their new Melting honey line (I'm only missing the scrub which I might also get, who knows). :) I've tried almost all of them so expect a review soon. The scent is divine by the way... ;)

Luna TBWA/Vichy sent me the new Normaderm BB Corrective cream and Lič sent some goodies from the new Freedom makeup line (a primer, bronzer/highlighter duo and blush). 

I wanted to try a new foundation and went with the new one from Bourjois - Air Mat. Unfortunately I already gave it to a friend because the shade was totally off. I tried it in the store but when I actually applied it on my face it looked completely different, almost a peach shade (even though the shade name is Rose Ivory). Bourjois just doesn't have the right shades of foundation for my skin tone - they're either too yellow or almost peachy. Better luck next time I guess...

I also got some nail goodies - Essie's Help me grow base coat and Seche Vite Dry fast top coat along with Seche Restore, so I'll be able to use it longer and it won't get too gloopy. :) 

And since I'm curently in my 'nude lips' faze I got two Sleek lip prodcuts from Moja Drogerija - Sleek Matte Me lip cream in Birthday suit and Pout Paint in Minx, both are gorgeous!

And last but not least... I went to visit my old friend, BeautyBay and placed an order. I got my favorite face mask from Antipodes, Aura Manuka Honey (love this stuff!). I got a set of mascara and liquid liner from Purminerals and some goodies from Illamasqua that were on my wishlist for a really long time - nail polish in Melange and lipsticks in Rosepout and Minx. :)

So there you have it... let me know your thoughts and what you'd like me to review first. :D

6 komentarjev:

  1. Super nakup, ti vedno izbereš le najboljše :D Tudi jaz imam skoraj celo linijo Shea za obraz, vključno z oljem, kremico in tonikom. Prav tako razmišljam o 25% kremici. Air Mat je pa zelooo mat, skoraj pre-mat zame.
    Se veselim videti Birthday suit.

    1. Hvala, Sara! :) Shea linija mi je super... sigurno bom morala še kak izdelek dodati v svojo zbirko. :D Air Mat meni mogoče ni preveč mat, ampak kot sem rekla, odtenek je čisto sfaljen... in to se mi nekako vedno dogaja pri Bourjois tekočih podlagah.

      Birthday suit pa pride kmalu na blog... ;)

  2. Jaaaa L´occitane največja fenica na svetu, imam tudi Shea linijo in je super in neprestano še razmišljam o nakupu kremice za obraz. Air mat sem tudi sama kupila v upanju, da bova prenesla moj odtenek in žal bolj kot se trudim bolj ne greva skupaj, čisto x barva, pretemna, preveč, preveč rumena, umetna. Mi je pa všeč njegova prekrivnost. Krasen nakup:).

    1. Kremo od Shea ti res toplo priporočam, meni je odlična. Zdaj bom videla, če je mi bo še tista 'močnejša' ustrezala. :)

  3. Si pridno spraznila denarnico pri L'Occitanu. Ravno zaradi tega se ga jaz v velikem krogu izogibam. :D
    Antidopes pa imam že kar nekaj časa na WL :) Sami super nakupi res :)

    1. Ja, sem bila kar 'pridna'... :D Antipodes masko pa res toplo priporočam!