NOTW: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

21. oktober 2014

Hello hunnies! Today I'm finally showing you the nail polish I've been lusting after - OPI's Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. I've been really into nude nail polishes for the past couple of months (the exception being Ciate's Cabaret) and when I stumbled across a swatch (or 10) of this particular shade I knew I had to have it. :)

It's a gorgeous... I would call it pink nude. It's kind of muted, almost a bit grey-ish and looks very chic on the nails. I was a bit worried that it would be 'too nude' but it suits my skin tone so nicely. I actually had a hard time using other shades, because I wanted to apply this one over and over again.

The formula is very nice and quite opaque, but I did end up applying 3 thin coats anyway. I didn't have any problems with it being too streaky or anything like that. It lasted on me very well, but I do always use a base and top coat (this time I used Ciate's) and take my time with waiting for each layer to dry.

So, what are your thoughts on this shade - something for you? What's your favorite nail polish at the moment?

3 komentarji:

  1. Prav obožujem te nudes with a twist, samo si skoraj nobenega ne upam vzet v trgovini, ker se bojim da bodo prosojni na nohtih.

    1. Ti samo mene vprašaj kateri so dobri... se mi zdi, da imam že pravo kolekcijo nude odtenkov. Danes sem dodala še Essie Sand Tropez. :D

    2. Imam samo Spin the Bottle, da je res spodoben :) Pa Sugared Almonds od Ciate, ampak sovražim formulo.