Let's use our Naked palette...

28. julij 2014

Hello darlings! I'm back after taking a break for a few days - had some things to sort out (all good things, nothing negative, don't worry) and of course I had to attend my nephew's second birthday party, we had a blast even though it was raining (pictures going up on my Instagram account as I type this, so go check them out if you'd like). Anyhew... I'm back now and I hope I'll be able to bring you interesting posts daily (I have soooo much stuff to show you). :)

For today though, I thought I'd show you some makeup/eye looks I created using my Naked palette from Urban Decay. As I've mentioned (about a gazillion times before) I started kind of a series on my blog with makeup looks created with different eyeshadow palettes I own, but I always end up forgetting about these series and post something else instead. So now I said no more! and decided to create a bunch at once and show them all to you - just like I did with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and most of you seemed to like that. Plus, it's great to show multiple looks at once and then get feedback from you or even requests to showcase certain ones separately with 'tutorials'.

I've managed to create 7 different looks, from really neutral/gentle looks, to those a bit more dramatic, the first one is even matte. :)

Eyeshadows used: Naked, Buck, Creep, Virgin

Eyeshadows used: Sin, Buck, Hustle, Virgin

Eyeshadows used: Sidecar, Naked, Darkhorse, Virgin

Eyeshadows used: Toasted, Sin, Virgin, Buck, Hustle

Eyeshadows used: Half Baked, Smog, Buck, Darkhorse, Gunmetal, Virgin

Eyeshadows used: Hustle, Sin, Virgin, Buck, Creep

Eyeshadows used: Gunmetal, Virgin, Buck, Creep

My favorites are no. 3, 4 and 5. :) I've managed to use every single eyeshadow in the palette and I'm really happy I did, because now I think I'll be wearing some of them more often (I neglected a few before, usually reaching for the same ones over and over again).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the looks I've created and please, let me know if you're particularly interested in one or more of them, so I can show them separately and give you a little tutorial as well. :)

4 komentarji:

  1. Res lepi MU, meni pa sta najbolj všeč 3. in zadnji look :)
    Se pa veselim še ostalih ustvarjanj, s to paletko in drugimi, sploh Chocolate bar, ker že sanjam skoraj o njej hehe... glede slednje pa se veselim prav vseh videzov, pa tudi kakšnega bolj smokey :)...

    1. Hvala! :D

      Se bom potrudila ja! Naslednja bo najbrž na vrsti Naked3, ker sem se čisto premalo še 'igrala' z njo. :)

  2. Meni so najljubši 3, 4 in 7. Se mi zdi, da ti 4 še posebej lepo pristaja:) - odtenki sploh. Jaz imamo "kopijo" te paletke od MUA in sem jo ogromno uporabljala:)

    1. Ja, se čisto strinjam, tudi meni se zdi, da mi takšni odtenki senčk oz. look-i, kot je 4. najbolj pašejo. Zato tudi ni čudno da je Toasted moja najljubša in najbolj uporabljena senčka. :)