Lily Lolo blush in Rosebud

24. oktober 2014

Hello darlings! Sticking with pink-themed posts this week (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month), I'll be reviewing another gorgeous pink product from Lily Lolo (check out yesterday's review I did on one of their pressed blushes). So, this blush was part of a collective haul I did back in July. I really wanted to try out one of their mineral blushes and I ended up picking the beautiful Rosebud. :)

This shade is absolutely divine! The swatch bellow doesn't even do it justice... I tried to capture it in all its glory, but it's simply too gorgeous... you just have to see it in person. :) I would describe the color as a dark rose with beautiful shimmer running through it. 

The shimmer in it however, is the reason I can't use it for what it is. I won't say I hate shimmery blushes because I really don't, I just much prefer matte ones or blushes that have just the tiniest sheen to them but aren't noticeably shimmery (if you get what I'm trying to say). Despite that I decided I was going to make it work... it's just too beautiful to be passed on to one of my girlfriends. :)

So... I went ahead and used it as an eyeshadow! And I have to say it makes one hell of an eyeshadow color. :) Because of the new and improved packaging, the application was practically mess-free and I actually didn't experience any fallout - it adhered to the eyeshadow base like a dream (I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk) and blended wonderfully with the other eyeshadows I used (from UD Naked3).

I'm really happy with the way this look turned out and I'll probably keep on using it as an eyeshadow... but that certainty doesn't mean you shouldn't use it as a blush. If you love a bit of shimmer on your cheeks and a stunning color like this, than you need to get it! If you're more like me and prefer matte blushes, there are quite a few shades to choose from as well. I'm especially interested in Surfer Girl, Flushed and Ooh La La. You can get all of them for 10.28 € (but look out for offers/sales). :)

So, what are your thoughts? Would you prefer to wear it as a blush or as an eyeshadow? :)

4 komentarji:

  1. Waaau kok je lep <3 jaz bi ga tudi kot blush nosila :)

    1. Res je čudovit! Saj sem ga jaz tudi parkrat nosila kot blush in ni napačen, ampak mi je veliko bolj všeč na očkah... :D