*MeMeMe Blush Me! blush in Pink

07. december 2014

Hello darlings! Today I'd like to talk to you about a gorgeous blush I received from MeMeMe a few weeks ago. In cooperation with Moja Drogerija, MeMeMe kindly sent me a beautiful package - inside was this blush and also their cream foundation (review coming soon). I haven't tried much from this brand, with the exception of an eye quad (that left me pretty unimpressed), so I was really excited to try some more things and get a better feel about the brand as a whole.

Thankfully, this blush knocked my socks off! :) It comes in a gorgeous box - very similar to the Benefit blush boxes, but in a way even better (I kind of prefer that you can actually pull the whole 'lid' off). The brush that comes with it is not bad and quite useful, but I of course prefer to use my own blush brushes.

Inside is a generous amount of a beautiful bubble gum pink blush with tiny hits of shimmer running through it. When I saw the shade I was afraid it would be either too pigmented and I would end up looking like a clown or would severely lack in pigmentation and I would have to 'dig' my brush in it to get a bit of color on my cheeks. I can happily say it's dead smack in the middle - perfect pigmentation, if you ask me. :)  Even though it contains shimmer, it doesn't come off as too shimmery on your skin - it acts more like a blush highlighter and looks really flattering. The staying power is also great... I basically don't have anything bad to say about it. :)

You can get this blush or any other from their selection on the MeMeMe website for £8.50. Slovenian readers can get them on Moja Drogerija for 12.79 € (but keep an eye for discounts!). :) 

What are your thoughts on this shade, something for you or would you rather pick up a different shade? Have you tried any other MeMeMe products?

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  1. Oo, ful lep odtenek. Pa tudi pakiranje mi je všeč :)

  2. Čist moja barva:)čist huda embalažica:)