Benefit Dandelion blush

30. maj 2015

Hello my darlings! I can't believe that after months and months of use I still haven't talked about this gorgeous blush on my blog. I got it on Lookfantastic when Benefit was available to EU customers (it's now again limited only to UK - don't know why that is) and I believe I also used a lovely discount code at the time, because I got it for around 29-30 € (which is still a lot, to be honest).

The blush comes in a cute cardboard box that's actually pretty sturdy and shuts with a magnet (it doesn't just pop open when you turn it upside down). On the inside you get a small but usable mirror and a flat brush, which isn't terrible, but I prefer to use other brushes.

The shade of the blush is a super light pink that's more on the warm side and also has a tiny bit of shimmer to it, but nothing too noticeable - it will give your cheeks a natural glow, not an obvious sheen, which I love. :)

The formula is very soft and actually very pigmented, but because it is such a light pink, it doesn't show up well on skin tones that are darker than fair. I'd say women with fair to light skin tones will appreciate this blush and women with darker skin tones won't find it useful at all. Thankfully this beauty shows up just perfectly on my light skin. :) I also really enjoy the pleasant floral scent it has, though I imagine it would bother some people.

I haven't done a makeup look on the blog using this blush yet, so the swatch on my hand will have to do for now, but I promise I'll use it in the very next look I post here, so you can see how it looks on me. :D

I would definitely recommend this blush to all my fair ladies, but I can't really tell you where you can get it, now that Lookfantastic doesn't ship Benefit to EU anymore. Ebay is probably your best bet for now.

What are your thoughts on this blush - something for you? Have you tried any 'box of powders' from Benefit or any other products from them?

4 komentarji:

  1. Ah, Dandelion <3 Meni je to popolni odtenek za vsak dan :)

  2. Najboljši blushi, Dandelion je čudovit za svetlo kožo - kot si rekla :)

    1. Res je... z veseljem bi sprobala še kak odtenek, pa kaj ko ni Benefita nikjer več za dobit (po normalnih cenah). :(