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11. januar 2016

Hello darlings! Today I'll be talking about a few beauties from Freedom Makeup I was sent quite a while ago and just didn't get around to properly review them (though I have been using them). :) I got this trio from Ličila.si, so go check out their site if you're on the hunt for more affordable makeup candy!

Freedom Makeup offers two kind of primers - Pro Mattifiy and Pro Primer, I got the latter. I'm not a huge primer fan and I rarely use them, though I do appreciate them and know that they can make a huge difference when you need your makeup to look flawless and stay on longer. I can't say I was blown away by this primer but I absolutely wasn't disappointed with it. It's a very nice primer with a clear gel formula that's very different to the 'fluffy' texture of Garnier's 5s Blur (the only other primer in my makeup collection at the moment). Whenever I use a primer I only apply it to my T-zone or over the areas that need a bit of 'perfecting' and this one did a nice job at smoothing out my complexion where my pores are a bit more enlarged and visible. It worked nicely with liquid and mineral foundation. It didn't clog my pores or caused any breakouts. I didn't notice my makeup lasting any longer than usual but that's probably due to the fact that my makeup tends to stay on pretty well if the weather isn't extreme (as in very hot and humid). For a mere 6,95 € I think it's a great primer. :)

Professional Pro Blush in Beyond

The second product I tried out was one of their Professional Pro blushes in the shade Beyond. This blush is a great alternative to Sleek's Rose Gold blush or Nars' Orgasm. It's that lovely pink with tons of fine golden shimmer running through it. It is a bit more warm toned and a bit more powdery than Sleek's blush, but still applies very nicely and has great color payoff. The packaging isn't really pleasing to the eye neither is it super sturdy but it does seem to shut pretty securely and hasn't randomly opened up on me yet so I guess it would be ok for traveling. But... for the price of 1,95 € I think it's an awesome blush. :)

Pro Contour in Fair

And last but certainly not least is the Pro Contour in the shade Fair. Again, this is a great alternative to Sleek's Contour kit or in my case a much better option - both shades are completely matte and both are much more suitable for my pale complexion. The bronzing shade is great and I can definitely make it work but it is a tad too 'redish' for my taste, I prefer my bronzers to be a true, neutral brown shade (like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Milk Chocolate). Still... I CAN make it work. :) The highlighting shade on the other hand is just perfection... it's a wonderful vanilla, off-white shade that's great for highlighting under the eyes or other parts of the face without the unnecessary shimmer. The formula of both shades is a bit on the powdery side but both apply very nicely and can be blended out. The amazing price of just 4,95 € makes this product even better. :D

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