*Amway ARTISTRY Exact Fit powder

07. december 2014

Hello my darlings! Yes I know... another review - I'm on a role tonight, aren't I? :D So, after the beautiful MeMeMe blush, comes another gorgeous face item - Amway Artistry Exact Fit powder. I have to be honest, the first time I heard of this brand was when I was contacted by their PR. I tried to research the product a bit but didn't find much, so these really were uncharted waters for me. :)

The powder (as you can see) is absolutely stunning! The beautiful gold box comes in a black velvet pouch and you actually have to 'assemble' it before first use - you get the box in the pouch and then the refill and sponge come separately. Now, that can be a real plus for some or a real downside for others. 

The refill part is great, because you can re-use the box and just buy the refill when you run out, but the whole 'assembling' part can also be a bit of a pain and make the product feel gimmicky and cheaper than it really is - like the fact that the glue on the bottom of the refill pan doesn't really hold it down as strong as it should. That really made me feel like I have to be super careful with the whole thing or else it might fall out and break (thankfully that didn't happen... yet). There's also a separate compartment in the bottom of the box which holds a sponge. I never use sponges to apply my powders, but I know a lot of women do and would appreciate this aspect of the packaging.

The lovely PR that contacted me also helped me choose a shade that would fit me, but unfortunately I seem to think I'm paler than I really am and so I ended up choosing a shade (Chablis) that was quite a bit too light for my skin tone (I think Chiffon would be the right one). However, I found another way to use this powder - as a highlighter! Because it's a matte formula intended to be used as an all-over face product, it's great to use under the eyes or anywhere else you'd want to highlight but can't/wouldn't want to use a shimmery highlighter. I use it under my eyes, in the middle of my forehead, on the bridge of my nose and a bit on my chin - it works great!

The formula is super soft and doesn't create that powdery look on your skin. I like to use a dense buffing or kabuki brush to apply it. I can also detect a slight scent to the powder, but nothing to noticeable and definitely nothing that would make me want to use it less. :)

I think this is a lovely powder and a great addition to my face routine, but to be honest, for the steep price of almost 50 €, I would expect much more from it. The packaging is nice, but definitely not superb. The refill itself has a much more reasonable price - around 30 €, so when you already have the box, it's a lot easier to just buy a refill.

What are your thoughts on this product, something for you? Have you tried anything from Amway or anything from their Artistry line? 

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  1. Mi uporabljamo doma veliko izdelkov od Amwaya in smo res zadovoljni že vrsto vrsto let. :)
    Škatlica za puder pa izgleda res lepa.

    1. No, vidiš... jaz pa sploh nisem vedela za znamko. Kaj pa si vse že sprobala od njih? :)