Pregnancy update: 30-37 weeks

18. avgust 2015

Well hello there my darlings! If you're a regular reader of my blog than you probably already know I've been getting bigger, rounder and more pregnant in these past months... I'm now in the home stretch and ready to pop (well, let's give it a week or two more). :) Since I don't know when my little man will decide to make his appearance I thought it would be nice to do a little update... just in case he surprises us and comes a tad sooner.

As you can see from the pictures above 'we' have certainly grown in the past 7 weeks. My belly has really popped and I do look very pregnant. :) I've gotten a few more stretch marks in the past weeks but nothing major and to be perfectly honest I really don't give a damn about them. My weight gain is still very much on track as I've only gained around 5 kg in total. 

I really won't go week by week, telling you what happened (mostly because I don't remember everything) but I can tell you it has gotten a bit harder as the weeks progressed. I'm still feeling really good but my body sometimes feels it has enough of all this baby inside it. :) The little man is not little anymore and there's barely any room left for him inside so when he turns and wiggles around I feel like my belly is going to burst. He on the other hand doesn't really care and just does what he wants... :) 

He's been head down since about week 27-28 and thankfully it seems he's going to stay that way. He does seem to be dropping lower in my pelvis though which can hurt like a b**ch sometimes and it also means I need to pee, a LOT. :D

Fortunately nothing else seems to be troubling me... but like I said, my body is trying to tell me it's just about done carrying this child around. My abdominal muscles ache, my back aches a bit and sometimes I just feel like a train ran over me. I'm also experiencing some indigestion, I get a bit of a heartburn every day but it's not too bad, I sometimes feel sick - everything is just the result of my digestive system being squished by the baby. :) But most of the time I'm perfectly fine so I really can't complain.

By now I have everything ready for me and the baby, thankfully. The last few 'chores' I had to do was 'dress' the crib (I was waiting for some lovely bedding), wash and iron the smaller baby clothes and pack my hospital bag. I also packed a 'going home' bag for me and the little one so dad will just grab it and go get us. And I also installed the car sit in our car (there's a whole procedure on how to install it securely). Now that I have everything in order I feel like I can relax and just wait for him. Though this nesting 'instinct' is still going strong and I seem to want to have the entire flat clean all the time (which of course is a no-go since I can't clean like I did before I had this huge belly). :)

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  1. Maja, želim ti veliiiik sreče in minimalno bolečin pri porodu in naj ti čimprej mine. Vem kako je ko čakaš, čakaš... se sprijazniš da bo itak šele čez tri tedne in BAM! Še isti dan mi je odtekla voda doma in evo... Čez en teden bo poba eno leto star! :) Noro! :) Go girl! :)

  2. Kako je že bušček velik. Prav vesela sem.. Sama se še prav ne zavedam koliko je to enih priprav na dojenčka, sem se tega zelo konkretno zavedala, ko si napisala, da imaš pripravljeno eno torbo za bolnico in drugo "za it domov".. Neverjetno, vse pripravljeno. Komaj čakam, da prijoka na svet. Zdaj boš pa mami, če to ni najlepša beseda, potem pa res ne vem (: Želim ti lep porod, brez težav *;

  3. Še maloooo :) :) Pa super za kg :)

  4. Luškano! <3

    Srečno in da čimprej mine porod & da ga boš čimprej crkljala in spoznala :)

    Držita se,

    objem obema!

  5. Držim pesti, da še ti zadnji dnevi/tedni minejo z lahkoto in da bo tudi pri porodu vse super :)