Lush hair care - I love juicy and American cream

01. avgust 2013

Hello lovelies! Today I'll be talking about some new products I discovered from Lush. About a month ago I was in a shopping craze. I had some last exams to take and after each one I would treat myself with a 'little' shopping. On one of those occasions I wandered into the Lush shop (which I haven't visited for a very long time). I was just browsing around and then remembered I wanted to try out some of their shampoos. I've already tried their solid shampoos and liked them so I thought I would try some other ones as well.

I have very oily hair or should I say a very oily scalp, so my hair stays fresh for about a day. I'm always looking for a shampoo that would help me keep my hair oil free for a bit longer but haven't found yet. So... when I told the kind sales lady what my hair problems were, she suggested I try these two products.

I was deciding between two shampoos - Rehab and I love juicy. The sales lady said that the I love juicy shampoo is a bit more cleansing and leaves your hair 'squeaky' clean, whilst the Rehab shampoo is a bit more gentle. I'm not a fan of  'squeaky' clean hair but, if that will make my hair really clean and make it stay fresh for at least a tiny bit longer, than I'm ok with it. So I went with I love juicy and I don't regret it for a second. :)

It is a gorgeous shampoo. I thought it was going to be really runny but it is actually so, so creamy - I would dare to call it a cream shampoo. It lathers up nicely and really cleanses your hair. I only need one wash with this shampoo and my hair looks like new. The best thing about this shampoo is that it actually makes my hair stay fresh longer but doesn't dry them out - my hair feels silky and nourished. It's almost like it coats them in a lovely cream, yet gets rid of all the oils and dirt. The scent is also great - really fruity. Fantabulous I tell you! :D I'm in love...

Since the I love juicy shampoo is a hard core cleansing shampoo, the sales lady advised me to get a conditioner as well, to nourish the ends (of course I was planning on getting a conditioner anyway since my hair doesn't do good without one). I already had the American cream conditioner in mind, since I heard/read a lot about it and it is their #1 selling conditioner. And when I took a smell of this... I got it right away. It smells so good! :) It's supposed to smell of strawberry-vanilla milkshake, but I mostly smell vanilla, maybe a little strawberry. It's a gorgeous scent, very gourmand and it stays on your hair for days!

As far as the performance goes... I can't say that this is the best conditioner out there. It's a bit on the thinner side and it's definitely not suited for really dry, damaged hair but it is enough for my hair. The biggest problem I have with my hair is the oiliness, it isn't that dry and I don't have a lot of split ends, so this conditioner works just fine for me - it leaves them smooth and soft. :) I will probably get a really nourishing hair mask or just a heavier conditioner in the near future and I do use different oils on my hair from time to time.

The price is pretty typical for Lush - I got them both in the 100g bottles, the shampoo was 7.95 € and the conditioner was 7.15 €. I absolutely love both producst and will be repurchasing them when I run out. I already have my eye on some other things from Lush as well... :)

Have you tried these two products? Which is your favorite Lush product?

4 komentarji:

  1. Čeprav nimam posebno mastnih las, bi ta dva z veseljem poskusla :). Sploh šampon se sliši božansko <3!


  2. Meni je pa ta balzam super, sem ravno neko tretjo flaško spraznila :) Pa vonj je <333 Šampona pa še nisem poskusila, imam po navadi tiste v ploščici :)

  3. I think I smelled these at the store and they seemed so lovely x

  4. @Gita - Res sta čudovita, toplo priporočam! :)

    @Lux - Ja, sej je super balzam in meni čisto odgovarja, ampak se mi zdi, da ni za zelo suhe, poškodovane lase. Šampon je res top, meni osebno boljši od trdih, čeprav so tudi tisti super. :D

    @Coco - They smell gorgeous, especially American cream.