NOTW: Essie Mint Candy Apple

08. avgust 2013

Hello my lovelies! I can't believe it... the day has come when I post a manicure on my blog. After almost 3 years of blogging you can finally see my nails wearing some nail polish. :D Why has it taken you so long Maja, I hear you ask. :)

Well... this is of course not the first time I'm wearing nail polish and I did wear nail polish here and there throughout these 3 years, but not a lot. I was (well technically still am) in nursing school or should I say in Faculty of Health sciences, studying to become a nurse, and during these 3 years I had lots and lots of practice/internship where we weren't allowed to have long, painted nails (which I totally agree with, by the way). But thankfully I was done with all my internship last year and only had some exams to pass this year so now I'm free to wear as much nail polish as I like whilst I write my thesis in the comfort of my own home. :)

The other reason why I didn't wear any nail polish is that I have pretty gentle nails. They look really nice and the tips are really white but they bend and break easily. I could never get my nails to grow longer, one or more would always break and I had to cut them short. But some time ago, I decided I was going to paint my nails to hopefully make them a bit harder and a bit more resilient so they wouldn't break so easily. Well... ever since I decided to do that, I'm slowly but surely becoming a nail polish addict. I've already acquired 22 nail polishes! Well, to be fair... I got 8 of them in swaps with some lovely beauty bloggers. :)

I have been wearing nail polish regularly for some time now but the reason I haven't posted any manicures is the fact that I'm not really good at painting my nails and my nails have a pretty weird form. Form? Shape would be a better word. No matter how I file them, they just tend to be wide and round, not long and square-shaped. But hey... we can't always get what we want. :) Now enough of this jibber-jabber, let's talk about this particular nail polish, shall we?

So, some time ago we got Essie nail polishes in our DM stores which weren't available before, you could only get them online. Please, my Slovenian readers, correct me, if this is wrong (I thought we got OPI polishes in Muller not long ago, but they seemed to have been available there for years now - what can I say, I'm a total nail polish newbie). 

So... as a new nail polish addict, I freaked my freak when I saw the Essie stand. :D I remembered Sandra talking about Mint Candy Apple so I looked for that one... and there was only one bottle left. I basically grabbed it and ran out of the store (well no, I did pay for it). And I'm so glad I did. It's a great nail polish. I love everything about it. I love the bottle, I love the mint color, I love the brush and I love the formula - very opaque, I usually apply two coats but you could get away with just one thick coat. I find that this color really compliments my skin tone, especially now that I've got a bit of a tan. I love wearing it and out of all nail polishes I currently own, this one is the one I keep reapplying. It stays on my nails for a week without chipping, if I'm not getting my hands too dirty or if I don't wash the dishes too much. :) 

The only thing I don't like about this polish or Essie polishes in general is the price - one bottle costs 9,95 €. That's really not that much, but I just love buying Essence or Catrice polishes for 1-2 €. :) And to think I have so many OPI, Ciate and Nails Inc polishes on my wishlist... they all cost over 10 €. Oh, well... 

Now seriously, enough of this. Here you go - some photos of my nails, finally. :D

What do you think of this color? Which is your favorite nail polish brand? Would you like to see my (huge) nail polish wishlist and more manicures? Let me know in the comments bellow... :)

16 komentarjev:

  1. Tale odtenek je res super! Pa spet - zakon review :)!


  2. @Gita - Ja, res je lep in pa hvala! :D

  3. This color is simply gorgeous! Looks lovely on you :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  4. @Boho Vanity - Thank you very much! <3

  5. @Jana - Res je zelo lep, se mi zdi, da je v živo še lepši. :D

  6. u krasna barva, nohtki so mi čisto simpatični in prav nič čudni, in pa lep in poseben tatu :)!

  7. @sarchy87 - Hvala! :) Tattoo pa niti ni tako poseben - je črka D, ampak na sliki je obratno obrnjena. :D Je pa poseben, ker je to moj 'poročni prstan'. ;)

  8. it's such a hyped shade but I have to say I think there are nicer mint greeny blue polishes out there like the Maybelline Mint For Life polish xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  9. @Gemma - I absolutely love this shade, but yeah, there are a lot of beautiful mint green shades out there, that are equally as beautiful but overlooked.

    The Maybelline Mint For Life polish looks gorgeous based on the swatches I've seen... :D

  10. Oo super review. :) Očitno si bom morala res kupit kakšen essie lak, ker vsi govorijo, kako dobri so :D

  11. Jp, cena je tudi meni odbijajoča. Pa škoda, ker ni več odtenkov. Tale mi je lep, a kaj, ko imma že ogromno mint odtenkov. Je pa fajn, da si končno objavila manikuro. :)

  12. Čudovit odtenek, je tudi na moji WL :) Pa čakam še kakšen tak post od tebe, tale je bil super :) Ti bo pa lak za nohte verjetno pomagal pri lomljenju - meni se tudi grozno lomijo, samo če so nalakirani so nekako močnejši in občutno manj občutljivi :)

  13. @pujsapepa - Hvala! Ja, priporočam, jaz sem zelo zadovoljna. :)

    @Taya - No, zaenkrat je meni ogromno odtenkov všeč, ker še nimam tako velike zbirke. :) Ja, zdaj bo več manikur na blogu... :D

    @Lux - Hvala, se bom potrudila, da bo čim več takšnih. Če bom zelo pridna, bo vsak teden nova manikura. ;)

  14. Jaz sicer nikoli nisem poštekala norije za telim dotičnim odtenkom, ker ima že vsaka firma lakov 23 različnih mint odtenkov in mi ni do dajanja 10€ zanj, ampak me pa zelooo mikajo drugi Essie lakci. Se zaenkrat spretno izogibam štantom v DMih.
    Se veselim bodočih NOTDjev :D
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  15. @Nuša - No, jaz sploh nisem vedela, da obstaja 'norija' za ta odtenek, sem samo slišala Sandro govorit o tem odtenku in ga zgrabila v trgovini. :D