Product comparison: UD Naked Basics vs. Naked Basics2

30. maj 2015

Hello my darlings! I've decided to start a little 'mini series' on my blog called Product comparison where I'll compare two products that are very similar or work in the same way (posts to come include comparisons between LRP Serozinc and Thermal water, UD All-nighter and B6 setting sprays and more). :)

Today I thought I'd talk about my two favorite matte palettes from Urban Decay - Naked Basics and Naked Basics2. I think it's really important for women who like to experiment with eyeshadows or at least wear them a lot, to have some basic, matte, neutral shades in their collection. I'm a fan of shimmer but sometimes you just need a matte look on the eyes to go with bolder lips or maybe to create a very gentle, subtle look. And not to mention how matte shades work perfectly as transition shades in the crease. ;)

I do love both of these palettes and I really don't regret buying either of them. They are kind of similar but very different at the same time. Naked Basics is definitely more on the warm side, whilst Naked Basics2 has a much more cool toned selection of shades. I have a fair complexion with cool undertones and I find both work great for me. :) But... I do prefer one of them and if I could, I would mix and match shades from both to create the perfect palette.

What I love about Naked Basics:

Venus, Naked2 and Faint are amazing shades that are 'basic' but definitely not shades you get in every neutral palette. They are quite unique and not easily dupable. Out of all my highlighting shades, Venus is my absolute favorite. Crave is also great - it's always good to have a matte black in the palette, but it's not unique and it could easily be replace with any other matte black.

What I don't like:

Foxy is a shade I probably wore only once and I never gravitate towards it, simply because it has such a yellow tint to it that is clashes with my cool undertones. I just can't seem to make it work. W.O.S. is a lovely shade on the other hand, pink undertones, perfect for me... at least that's what you'd think. The problem is that it's so similar to my skin tone, it has a hard time showing up at all - it just kind of blends in (unless I use a white base underneath it first).

What I love about Naked Basics2:

Shades Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone are absolutely stunning and super unique in my mind - you just don't find these kind of shades often. I am head over heels for all four of them, but I especially love Frisk as I don't have many grey-taupe-purple shades in my collection. I also love that Undone is a toned down brown-black and can be used with ease (it's not as harsh as a true black so you can't easily overdo it). I find that all these shades are very different and offer more versatility when creating makeup looks.

What I don't like:

Skimp and Stark - I rarely use these two shades. Skimp does look like it would suit my pink-toned complexion but again, it just kind of blends in and doesn't do much for me as far as highlighting goes. I sometimes use it as a 'topper' over some other shade from the palette, to give it a bit of a sheen, but that's about it. Stark is also an interesting color but I just don't get along with it. It's a bit too 'salmony' for me.

Naked Basics2 (top row): Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone
Naked Basics (bottom row): Venus, Foxy, W.O.S., Naked2, Faint and Crave

If I could pick out certain shades and create my perfect Basics palette, I'd go for Venus, Frisk, Primal, Naked2, Faint and Undone. :) But... I'm totally fine having both palettes separately and using shades from both of them as I please. If however you were deciding between the two, I'd say go for Naked Basics2 purely because I believe it offers more versatility. If you can afford both, get both of them - you won't regret it!

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