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13. avgust 2014

Hello darlings! I've been a bit absent lately and I have to say I really enjoyed it... I got around doing some other things as well as watching some new shows as well, on TV - can you imagine?! (I do spend too much time behind the computer). I really need to kick myself in the ass and start writing my thesis and get back into painting as well (quite a few unfinished paintings are waiting for me). :) 

Anyway... today I got the creative/blogging spark and decided to go with it. I've been really loving some lip products lately so I thought I'd share them with you... :)

These five lipsticks/lipglosses have been in rotation for quite a while now. When I want something neutral and easy to wear, I go for one of the glosses, either Lily Lolo's lip gloss in English Rose or Clarins' Lip Perfector in the shade 05. If I'm not up to wearing a gloss but I still want a nude/neutral lip, I go for my favorite lipstick - Urban Decay's Revolution lipstick in the shade Naked (the name really suits it).

From L to R: Clarins, Lily Lolo, Urban Decay, Yves Rocher, Lily Lolo

And for the bolder days, when I want something a bit brighter on the lips I go for Lily Lolo's lipstick in Passion Pink, which has quickly become one of my favorite bright lipsticks (ever) or I go for the newest addition to my lipstick collection - Yves Rocher's lipstick in the shade 51, which is just the most perfect reddish-orange color (though it sadly didn't show up like that on the swatch above) and feels super light on the lips (it's also quite sheer, so it's easy to wear and apply).

Most of the lip products I've mentioned here have already been reviewed on my blog, so go check those posts out (if you want to see how they look on my lips and know a bit more about them), but the 2 new additions, Clarins' lip gloss and Yves Rocher's lipstick will be reviewed soon as well, so stay tuned for that. :)

What are some of your favorite lip products? :)

6 komentarjev:

  1. Ful si želim te Urban Decay šminke sprobat :)

    1. Meni so top! Rabim še vsaj nekaj odtenkov! :D

  2. Vse dražite s tem Clarinsom... A je vreden :D

    1. Hehe... ja, jaz sem se mu dolgo časa izogibala, ampak zdaj ko ga imam, mi je najljubša stvar za ustnice - nonstop bi ga nosila. :D Pride polna ocena kmalu. :)