Empties #1

02. avgust 2013

Hello my lovelies! Today I'll be posting another 'first' post for me, since I haven't done one like this before - empties. :) I always seem to throw things away when I use them up and forget to store them for posts like this. No more! From now on I'll be a good beauty blogger and save/store every single empty bottle, jar or any other kind of packaging. :D

Of course I haven't used up all these things in a month... this little pile has been slowly growing and now I decided to show it to you and let you know what my thoughts on each item were. So here we go...

Dove Cream oil - A lovely shower gel/cream. I find all Dove shower gels to be very rich, creamy and moisturizing. I love using them and I've tried a bunch of them so far. Repurchase: maybe not exactly this one, but other Dove shower gels - for sure :)

Syoss Volume Lift conditioner - There's not much to say about this conditioner. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great eater. It certainly didn't give my hair any volume. Repurchase: no

Dove Essential Nourishment hand cream - A lovely moisturizing cream. It sinks into the skin pretty fast and leaves your hands smooth and soft. Repurchase: have 2 more to use up (no, I didn't go out and buy 3 hand creams, I got them as gifts or in gift sets)

Avon Pomegranate and Mango face scrub - A nice scrub but nothing worth talking about. Repurchase: no

Avon Clearskin Blackhead clearing mask - A face mask targeting blackheads. It comes out blue but it dries to a white color - nice and fun but it does nothing about my blackheads. It also smells a little weird. Repurchase: no

Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish hot cloth cleanser - I've finished my first bottle of this amazing cleansing balm and I'm totally in love (as you all probably already know). An awesome cleansing balm that removes makeup with ease and leaves your skin beautiful. Repurchase: already did

Liz Earle Instant boost skin tonic - A wonderful toner that soothes the skin and smells divine. Repurchase: already did (the big 200 ml bottle)

Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturizer (normal/combination skin) - A gorgeous face cream. I wanted to try out this cream so I ordered the 'Try me kit' and got one tube extra so I really got to test it out. I love using it, it's a lovely cream on the thicker side but sinks into the skin really fast. Repurchase: already did (the 50 ml jar)

Ikove Acai face toner - A lovely toner with a beautiful scent. I used up two bottles and I would repurchase it but the shop I bought it in doesn't carry Ikove products anymore.

Prices Cinnamon candle - A lovely candle, if you like cinnamon (which I do). I would repurchase it but I've discovered Yankee candles and will be buying more of those in the near future. :)

Afrodita Oil nail polish remover - Just a regular nail polish remover, nothing special, does the job. Repurchase: maybe, probably not

Sophyto Omega daily moisturizer - A lovely face cream for normal/combination skin. Loved using it, my skin loved it, it didn't make me look shiny and it sunk into the skin really fast. Would repurchase it but found some better face creams. :)

Green People Fruitful nights moisturizer - A night face cream, really nice, lovely fruity smell. Loved using it and my skin really liked it. Would repurchase it but I found some better face creams.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra curl mascara - Didn't really use up this mascara, but it dried up and it was irritating my eyes so I stopped using it. Repurchase: no

9 komentarjev:

  1. I really like all of these products! What a great post, and cute blog


  2. Meni so te posti vedno dobri za brat, da vidim kakšne izkušnje ima kdo s čim :) Tako si navdušena nad Liz Earle, da prav moram poskusiti kaj :)

  3. @Lux - Ja, upam, da bom pridno uporabljala reči, da bo še več takšnih postov. Drugače pa ja, zaenkrat nisem bila še razočarana nad nobenim Liz Earle izdelkom. :)

  4. Volim ovakve postove :))

    također, voljela bih probati tvoje čistaće i tonik ali bojim se da toga kod mene nema :(

  5. @Dear Skin - Misliš Liz Earl proizvode? To nema i kod nas, ja sve naručujem preko interneta (http://uk.lizearle.com/). :)

  6. Moram i ja naručiti ovaj Try me kit :D
    Čula sam samo dobre komentare za LE proizvode :)

  7. @DeeDee Cro - Zaista su super! :)

  8. Jaz se že 100 let odločam za nakup Liz Earle izdelkov, pa še kar nisem naročila ničesar...

  9. @Fatalna Si - Priporočam! Kot sem že napisala Lux, me do zdaj ni razočaral še noben njihov izdelek. Vse izdelke vedno tako lepo zapakirajo in vedno zraven dobiš mali Cleanse&Polish ali pa kakšne druge izdelke v manjši embalaži. Super so, res. :)