Lancôme Rose Ballerine Blush highlighter

24. junij 2014

Hello my darlings! Today I have a stunning product from Lancome to show you - Rose Ballerine blush highlighter. This is my very first product from Lancome and to be honest I didn't really know what to expect (was it going to be great or a high-end disappointment?), but when I saw the beautiful rose detail it had 'going on', I just had to get it. :)

At first I was afraid it would be really poorly pigmented since it is a blush-highlighter and is a very light color to begin with. I did my fare share of research before buying this blush and since most reviews were positive, I decided it was worth getting. 

To say that I'm happy with this blush is a huge understatement! Since the moment I got my hands on it, I fell in love! And when I first applied it on my cheeks, all my doubts and worries about the pigmentation disappeared. It is the most beautiful blush I have ever owned and it's not just beautiful in the pan (which is a whole other story - I mean just look at it, gorgeous!), it also looks amazing on my cheeks. :)

The packaging is obviously beautiful as well - a mirror like 'upper part' with a cute pink bow on it and black on the bottom. It feels nice in your hand, opens with a press on the button and shuts securely. It also has a nice mirror inside and of course the stunning blush with a 3D rose 'blooming out of it'. :)

The shade is a very light, rose pink with a hint of shimmer running through it - though you can't really see it when you're looking at the blush or when you apply it on your face, which is fine with me (I'm really not a fan of shimmery blushes). Yet somehow this tiny shimmer is what transforms this blush into a blush-highlighter. It gives a gorgeous but subtle sheen to the cheeks that is just so beautiful.

Now to me this blush is pure perfection, but I can imagine that it might disappoint some people, if they're expecting too much from it - this is not a soft, buttery blush and you do not need a light hand when applying it. It's quite a hard blush that has to be build up a bit (think the opposite of super pigmented Illamasqua blushes), yet it's still very finely milt and blends incredibly well (it just kind of melts with your skin). I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to apply it - I swirl it around the blush (not gently at all) and then dab it on my cheeks. I usually do two applications to get the perfect amount of color on my cheeks. 

Also, since this is a very light blush, it probably wouldn't show up enough on darker skin tones, but it suits my fair skin very, very well. :)

So, here you have it - my new blush love! I really do enjoy wearing and staring at this beautiful blush and I'm really happy I decided to get it. :) I got it on Feelunique - the full price is 45.50 €, but I used a discount code and got it for 38 €.

What are your thoughts on it? Have you tried any products from Lancome?

10 komentarjev:

  1. wau, kak je lep, še posebej embalaža<3

  2. Tako je lep, da si ga skoraj ne bi upala uporabljat :)

    1. A ne? Jaz sem ga tudi nekaj časa samo gledala... :)

  3. preveč kjut! Sploh nevem če bi ga uporabljala :) verjetno bi kar imela nekje nastavljenega in bi ga občudovala, res.

    1. Res je čudovit, vendar ga z veseljem uporabljam, mi ga ni nič škoda... pa še veliko ga je, tako da ga lep čas ne bom porabila. :)

  4. oh kako je lep ! Pa mebalaža pa vse <3 super ti paše ;)