Product of the month: Tweezerman eyelash curler

30. maj 2015

Hello lovelies! The title of this post is a bit off, because this eyelash curler has not been a favorite for the past month but for the past few months! My e.l.f. Mechanical eyelash curler had to be retired and since they don't seem to carry it on their website anymore, I had to find something else... and boy am I glad I did. :)

The eyelash curler looks beautiful (I especially like that the sponge thingy is purple) and feels super sturdy and well made - I never feel like it's going to slip out of my hands and tare half of my lashes off even though it doesn't have rubberized handles (like the e.l.f. one had). :) The 'sponge thingy' part of the curler is actually made out of silicone which prevents your lashes from sticking. You get one that's set on the curler already and 3 replacements - and trust me they will last you a very long time. :)

The curve of it seems to be excellent for my eye shape, so I can really grab (almost) every single lash and get a beautiful curve. It makes a tremendous difference when I use it before applying mascara - I really can't imagine not using it anymore. I was in a hurry a couple of days ago and did my makeup super fast, applying mascara without using this magical thing and my lashes looked so poor, I immediately regretted my decision (you can see how poor and straight my tiny lashes are on the picture bellow). :)

I decided to show you bare lashes on the pictures above, but you can see this curler in combination with my all time favorite mascara (Too Faced Better than sex), here, and decide for your self. ;)

I got this eyelash curler off of Lookfantastic for around 19 € I believe, but you can curently get it for 23 €.

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