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20. oktober 2014

Hello my darlings! As promised I continue this week in pink-themed product reviews. Today I'm going to talk to you about a lovely Vichy face cream I received a couple of weeks ago for review purposes. :)

| I know that if a cream looks nice I will be more inclined to use it, simple as that. |

As the rest of the Idealia line, this cream also comes in a stunning, pale pink packaging. The jar is made from glass, feels heavy and luxurious and also has a lovely mirror on top of the lid (I feel like it's there more for esthetic purposes, but you can actually see yourself in it pretty nicely and you could definitely use it for applying the cream or any other touch-ups needed, if you wouldn't have a larger mirror at your disposal). :)

Not only is the packaging pink and beautiful, the cream itself is also pink. Now that might not matter to many women, but I know that if a cream looks nice I will be more inclined to use it, simple as that. :)

| The cream is enriched with Kombucha, AHAs, vitamins, probiotics and polyphenols (powerful antioxidant properties).  |

The consistency of the cream is very light (I have the normal to combination version). I would almost describe it as a mixture between a gel and a cream. It glides on the skin with ease and sinks into it very fast. After it sets your skin becomes noticeably smoother and appears brighter, healthier (now isn't that what we all want?). The smoothness is due to (I'm guessing) silicons, but the brightening effect is due to the tiny shimmering particles in it. That's why I also love the eye cream from this line - both creams just illuminate the skin so beautifully. :) The scent is also very pleasing - not exactly natural, but nothing too strong, just a gentle, almost floral scent.

| The cream is hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, paraben free and enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa water.  |

I think this cream would work best for people with normal skin but a dull appearance to it because this cream really does work great at brightening up the skin. I have combination skin, but I find that this cream would probably suit me only in summer or when my skin feels great and sufficiently hydrated, because it's really doesn't have the most nourishing formula (maybe the one for dry skin is a different story). It does however work great as a makeup base since it creates a lovely, smooth surface to work on.

If you're looking for a pick-me up face cream for your skin and don't need too much moisturization, than this is the product for you. You can get it at your local pharmacy for around 28 €.

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