MU London Organic White Chocolate Truffle moisturizer

20. november 2013

Hello my lovelies! Today I'll be reviewing an awesome face cream. I probably wouldn't get this cream, if it weren't for Jana's review (go check it out here). Though she was mostly talking about the Rose, Rosehip & Rosmary moisturizer, she did mention this one as well... and that's all it took. I think I was sold just by hearing/reading its name - white chocolate truffle, I mean, come on... doesn't that just make you wanna smear it all over your face? No? I guess that's just me then... :)

Well, needless to say... after reading the review, I went ahead and Googled the brand and the cream. It didn't took long before I was on their web site ordering this lovely. :) The shipping was fast - only 5 days. The little jar came wrapped all pretty and when I finally had it in my hands I thought it was the cutest thing ever (I really do enjoy creams that come in jars/pots, especially when they're this nice). I got the 30 ml, not the 60 ml jar because I didn't know, if I would like the cream or not (for me it's usually a hit or miss with face creams).

When I opened it and smelled it I wasn't quite sure about it. It did smell like white chocolate, but I could also smell something else in it, something I couldn't (well, still can't) really identify. Now, don't get me wrong, it was not a bad smell at all... it was interesting. It also looks very different than your average moisturizer - it's not runny, it's not creamy, it's solid and that's because it contains only natural, organic ingredients such as shea butter, coconut butter, jojoba oil...

I decided to use it the next day - cleansed my skin, did the whole bed time regime and all, then it was time for this baby. I decided to put little by little on my skin, so it wouldn't be too much (since I do have combination skin with an oily T-zone). When I dipped my finger in it to get some of it out, it actually kind of gave up, melted under my finger and it seemed to have a whipped, mousse like texture. I really liked that! :) I put some on my skin and started to massage it in - it melts practically the second it comes into contact with the warmth of your skin. The feeling is really nice and you're also massaging your face, so thumbs up for that. :) And while you're massaging it into your skin the true scent emerges - then it really starts to smell like white chocolate, you feel and smell like you're rubbing white chocolate on your face... heaven I tell you! :D

After I've massaged it all over my face, I did look a bit oily/shiny but that's normal since the cream is basically made of oils. However when I went to bed with it and woke up in the morning there was nothing left - my skin absorbed it all and if felt and looked great. What I also love about this cream is that because it's so natural and has no 'nasties' in it, I can use it even when my skin is feeling a bit agitated or when I've been poking at some pimples and my skin feels wounded/sore. It actually calms everything down and makes it all better... 

So can you tell I really like this cream? :)

I think this is an absolutely gorgeous cream that feels heavenly, smells heavenly and is suited for all skin types. I really enjoy using it. Plus the price is also great in my opinion - I paid 15.42 € for it, that's including shipping, the cream itself costs 11 €. Well done MU London, well done... :)

8 komentarjev:

  1. Jeeej super, da ti je všeč! :) Hvala za omembo :)
    Aja in res je kot mousse, mi niti na pamet ni prišlo, ko sem pisala oceno :D xx

    1. Ni za kaj... zaradi tebe sem jo odkrila in kupila. :D

  2. Ou maj gad, že pri Jani sem bila čist navdušena nad to kremo, zdaj pa še en super review. Pomojem bom šla kar po tvojih stopinjah ----> ordering it ASAP :D.
    Super fotke :)!


  3. Hi Maja! So happy that you like your White Chocolate Truffle moisturiser. Thanks for the lovely review and great photos. Hvala! ♥

    1. No problem! It's a gorgeous cream! :D