Mario Badescu Almond&Honey non-abrasive face scrub

18. november 2013

Hello my honey-bunnies (I decided to address you with something other than 'my lovelies' today - look at me, being all adventures and stuff). So... today I have a nice little review of another Mario Badescu product I decided to try out. This is my fourth product from them and I have to say I really like it. I think I'll be getting some more stuff pretty soon... :)

If you read my previous post on Mario Badescu products, then you know I was left unimpressed with the Strawberry face scrub, but I was still curious about the other two scrubs they had to offer - the Almond&Honey and the Kiwi face scrub. I was deciding between the two and finally went for the Almond&Honey (to be honest, it just sounded yummier). :) Thankfully, it was the right choice...

When I opened it for the first time and saw how creamy it was, I was a bit doubtful... I thought I was going to have the same experience with this scrub as I did with the Strawberry one. I was sure that this won't really work as a scrub and to be honest, it doesn't do a whole lot of scrubbing. But surprisingly I don't mind that at all. :)

It's really creamy and very gentle (hence the 'non-abrasive' part in it's name). It does contain quite a lot of almond pieces in it - I say pieces because it seems like the almonds were thrown in a blender and then mixed in the scrub. You can find very little pieces and some quite large ones as well. They actually do some scrubbing, but it's very gentle, nothing that can scratch or hurt the skin.

I love the feel of it on my skin, it leaves it soft and supple, never dry. I would say that this scrub could be used on a daily basis or as a cleanser, because it's just so very gentle. Another thing I absolutely love about this scrub is the scent - it smells delicious! It's not really a honey&almond scent to me, but it's definitely sweet and yummy. :) 

The price is again pretty step - I paid 18.20 € for it on

So, what do you think of this face scrub? Would you like to try it? What's your favorite face scrub? :)

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