Revlon Nearly Naked foundation

21. avgust 2013

Hello again my lovelies! Today I'll be (finally) reviewing Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation. I got this foundation about a month ago. Now, I'm really not a huge fan of liquid foundation, especially since I've discovered Lily Lolo mineral foundation, but that day I was in a drugstore, browsing around and I decided to give liquid foundations another go. :) I've heard some nice things about this particular foundation so in the shopping bag it went. 

I have been using liquid foundation on and off, since I was about 15 or 16 years old. I was never really happy with any liquid foundation I used. Well, there was one from Maybelline, I think it was called Pure makeup or something like that, it was a light blue tube. I really loved that foundation but it got discontinued (typical right?). 

Anyway... let me get to the point - the reason why I wasn't really happy with any liquid foundation was the fact that I absolutely hated it when people could notice I was wearing foundation. I never wore too dark foundations or had foundation lines and I tried blending it out as best as I could, but you could still notice I was wearing it. And God forbid I had a bit of dry skin here and there... then you could really notice it from a mile away. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but most of the time I feel like foundations make your skin look worse, not better. Maybe it's because I never had any big problems with acne, so I never had the need to cover up a lot of imperfections. Maybe it's because I have yet to find a perfect liquid foundation for me... who knows? :) But enough of this mumble, let me tell you a bit about this foundation...

This is supposed to be a very light foundation that 'melts' into your skin and blends seamlessly so it looks like you're not even wearing any makeup (well would you look at that - that's exactly what I want!). I can agree with it being light, it doesn't sit heavy on the skin and it has light to medium coverage. However I can't agree with the claim that it blends seamlessly into the skin and gives the appearance of a makeup-free face. I had a bit of dry skin on my forehead and it stuck to those little dry patches like its life was depending on it. 

The other problem I found with it was its longevity. Now, I did wore it in some really hot weather but still... it shouldn't have melted away the way it did. When I came home from a little outdoor picnic (which lasted a couple of hours by the way) it was almost completely gone. It stayed on my cheeks but it completely melted off my T-zone. I wear glasses and when I took them off you could see some streaks that have formed underneath them - where the foundation moved and accumulated.

Even though I set the foundation with powder (because my T-zone gets a bit oily), it just couldn't stay matte for longer than an hour (and no, I don't have really oily skin and I haven't experienced that with many other foundations). It seems like it was making my skin oilier and I've read some reviews where girls stated the same problem. Thankfully, despite all the oils, it didn't break me out but I really wasn't a fan of the whole shiny 'disco ball' look.

Another thing that I don't like about this foundation is the packaging. I like that it's a glass bottle, it looks nice... but when you screw the top off, you're left with a huge gaping whole that forces you to pore out the foundation. Because it's a very runny, liquidy foundation you can pore out too much really quickly. And heaven forbid you trip it over or it falls out of you hands or something like that - a disaster just waiting to happen! A pump would be just so much better and easier.

Yeeez... this is turning out to be quite a negative review. Well it's not THAT bad, you can certainly find much, much worse foundations than this, but it just failed to impress me. It's not the cheapest of foundations eater - I can't remember the exact price but I believe it was between 10-12 € (not sure, so don't take my word for it). In our stores we only have 5 shades available so a lot of girls won't be able to find their shade. If it helps, the lightest shade available - 120 Vanilla (the one I have) is almost exactly the same as Bourjois Healthy mix in 51, Vanilla is just a teeny tiny bit darker but when you blend them out, they look exactly the same. L'Oreal True Match C2 and N2 are a bit darker and more pink, L'Oreal True Match Lumi C2 is lighter but still very much on the pink side.

So would I recommend this foundation? Not really... As I said, it's not that bad and it might work great for someone but the fact that it clings to dry patches, means that it's not the best for drier skin and the fact that it makes the skin oily, means that it won't be good for combination/oily skin. Maybe it would work for someone with normal skin.

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  1. ojej, tole pa je razočaranje :S, jaz sem tudi razmišljala o nakupu, tako da si me, na srečo, odvrnila od njega.. kaj pa od Rimmela, Wake me up foundation? si morda že probala? jo dosti tujih blogerk pohvali...

  2. @Sandra - Ja, meni ni najbolj všeč...

    @sarchy87 - Jp. Sem slišala veliko dobrih reči o tej podlagi in celo primerjavo z UD Naked podlago, ampak meni ne odgovarja. Wake me up si želim probat, ampak nisem sigurna glede odtenkov, morda se odločim za nakup v bližnji prihodnosti. :)

  3. A Bourjois HM serum si že imela? Meni vedno pravijo, da izgleda kot da ne nosim ničesar. Pa edini puder je, ki mi ni poudaril luskic (preden sem uredila to zadevo :))

  4. @Mateja - Nisem še probala, ga bom kar morala, ker vidim, da ga ogromno punc pohvali. :)

  5. Ne vem zakaj ampak sem brala ful dobrih revievow te zadeve.. hmm. Čudno! Samo meni izgleda vseeno malo preveč oranžna za tvojo kožo, kljub temu da je bolj kot ne shit od podlage.

  6. @Tamara - Ja, saj dostim ženskam odgovarja in zato sem jo tudi kupila, ker sem videla en video review, ampak meni ni ok. Saj ni takooo slaba podlaga, ampak kaj ko je tako neobstojna, da se takoj stopi s kože.

    Odtenek mi je sicer ok, ni oranžen, je pa bolj rumen, sama imam pa rozast podton kože, zato je najbrž videti razliko.