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17. avgust 2013

Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I would brighten your day and share some beautiful men with you. Most of them star in TV shows or movies I love to watch. They are in no particular order, except for Jensen... he holds the #1 place. :)

1. Jensen Ackles - stars as Dean in Supernatural. Gorgeous, gorgeous man! He just keeps getting better and better as he ages, like wine. :)

2. Jared Padalecki - stars along Jensen in Supernatural as Sam. I feel like he's often overlooked by women who worship Jensen. I think he's a gorgeous looking man and very, very funny. :)

3. Paul Walker - stars in almost all of the Fast & Furious movies as Brian O'Conner. As I've mentioned once before - I could stare at those baby blue eyes all day long. Beautiful man! :)

4. Henry Cavill - he played Charles Brandon in Tudors, Theseus in Immortals and now Clark Kent/Superman in Man of steel. I'm telling you, he really looks like a man of steel in that movie - muscle on muscle on muscle. :)

5. Matt Bomer - he stars in a TV show called White collar which I haven't started watching yet but have seen certain episodes here and there. A gorgeous looking guy with eyes that pierce your hart and a jaw line that makes your panties drop. :)

6. Alex O'Loughlin - the first time I saw this guy was in The back-up plan alongside Jennifer Lopez. He also stars in a TV show called Hawaii Five-0, which I've never really watched but again saw a few episodes here and there. I think he's a very handsome man indeed. :)

7. Robert Downey Jr. - I think he's quite a famous actor so I don't need to 'introduce' him to you. I've never really paid much attention to him but ever since Iron man (1, 2 and 3) and the Avengers, he really grew on me. He seems a really charming and handsome guy, a little cocky at times maybe but nothing too repulsive (I feel he's like Tony Stark in real life as well). He's the same age as my mother but I really don't care, he's gorgeous. :D

8. Tom Hardy - is another actor that was flying under my radar until I saw the movie This means war. I find this man utterly gorgeous. He seems really manly and buff and sexy. Can you tell I like him? :)

9. Alexander Skarsgård - he plays Eric in a TV show called True blood. Again, a very handsome man. Very tall, very classy and just beautiful. :)

10. Skylar Astin - also an actor I haven't known before watching Pitch perfect. An awesome movie and a gorgeous actor... who can also sing, like really good. What more do you want?! He can sing to me all day long... :)

11. Robert Kazinsky -  a new addition to the True blood 'family' which I appreciate very much. He plays Ben/Warlow. He's not your typical 'pretty boy' but he's just so damn hot, I don't know what it is about him... :)

12. Jay Ryan - the beast in Beauty and the beast, a beautiful beast in my opinion. He's just hot, there's nothing more to say... well, he's from New Zealand so he has a great accent too. :)

13. Stephen Amell - plays billionaire play boy Oliver Queen in Arrow. Gorgeous guy with a body that is out of this world (females that watch this show will confirm this). He's a man in every way... hotness :)

14. Tyler Hoechlin - can I get a howl 'cuz this wolf is hot hot hot. :) He plays Derek in Teen wolf. Gorgeous dude, amazing body, beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. Delicious!

15. Colton Haynes - I first got to meet this handsome fella in Teen wolf where he played the ever annoying Jackson but now you can find him in Arrow, playing Roy and being a boyfriend to Thea Queen, Oliver Queen's sister. Beautiful looking guy!

16. Daniel Sharman - another one from the Teen wolf 'family'. He plays Isaac Lahey and he just got under my skin. There's just something about this guy... Beautiful, that's all I'm going to say. :)

17. Tyler Posey - the star of Teen wolf, he plays Scott. At first I wasn't really that interested in him. I mean he was cute but that was it... Well, he really grew up from season 1-2 and now from season 2-3. Man, it's so awesome to watch boys become man in such a short time. :)

18. Dylan O'Brien - a very handsome young man who plays the hilarious Styles in Teen Wolf. I also really liked him in The first time, where he was still very funny but a bit more mature. Come to think of it, his character in Teen Wolf was also pretty serious and mature this season. I really like him and I think he's a very talented actor. :)

So here you go ladies... A little eye candy for you. :) I didn't even dare to post shirtless photos... I will not be responsible for women fainting and hitting their head on their computer keyboard and possibly getting a concussion. :D

So, let me know in the comments bellow which one of these handsome fellas makes you weak in the knees or let me know, if you have a totally different taste in men.

Have a lovely Saturday and I'll see you soon!

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  1. uff, ob tem postu so se pa oči več kot spočile..Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Amell - razlog več za ogled nekaterih serij :D

  2. Se kar boljše počutim po teh slikah :D Drugače se pa skoraj za vse strinjam, sploh ''Isaac'' je tudi mene to sezono čisto navdušil :D Komaj čakam januar na drugi del sezone :D

  3. Sem vesela, da sem vam malo polepšala večer... :)

  4. That's a sight for sore eyes! Imava kar nekaj podobnih - Jensen Ackles, Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, Tyler Hoechlin (ki je glavni razlog da sem začela Teen Wolf gledat, damn he's hot), Daniel Sharman,...

    Edini ki mi manjka je Ian Somerhalder, ki bi bil na vrhu mojega seznama, ker čez njega ga pač ni <3 ;)

  5. Mene pa Ian nekako ne 'sezuje'... Sej je čudovit moški, pa tiste oči njegove... ampak nekej mi manjka :)

  6. Damn it, moram začet mal več serij gledat :D (pol pa gledam kardashianke, kjer je itak največ bab, way to go :D)

  7. Odličen post!:D Oh Stephen<3 So hot!:) Pa Alexander :) x

  8. Mmmmmmmmm bome zgodni muškići! :D

  9. @Aida - Eh, pusti Kardashianke no... a niso tele fantički boljši? :)

    @Jana - Hvala! In pa jp in jp (hehe) ;)

  10. @DeeDee Cro - Zaista su... :D

  11. You definitely have a lovely taste in men hun haha! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  12. @RosyChicc - Thank you! :)

    @Mateja Mateja - Jp! :D