Maja... couldn't watch?!

20. julij 2013

Hello lovelies! I'm back today with another Maja watches... post, this time I'm going to talk about movies and TV shows I couldn't watch or watched and didn't like. Something different for a change... :) Some things (like movies) aren't really new... nevertheless I wanted to let you know my thoughts on them.


I really disliked this movie. It has a really high score on IMDB which I just don't get. Yes, it has Ryan Gosling and Ema Stone in it which are great actors but still... the movie sucked ass. There were some bits and pieces I liked - like the part where Ryan takes his shirt off and Ema says he looks like he's been Photoshoped and of course the Dirty dancing lift, but that's about it. The whole time I watched this movie I was waiting for something to happen, it was pretty boring, depressing actually. And the ending... that was just the "cherry on top" for me. Didn't like it all.


Again, a movie that has a really high score on IMDB but was a total fail for me. A lot of people loved this movie and found it hilarious, I didn't. Of course there was some good humor in it but nothing special. I love me some Chaning on my Tatum but this movie just didn't do it for me. It was like someone decided to make a funny movie about two cops and then just threw stuff together and bam - you have 21 Jump street. It was police stuff mixed with high school mixed with weird and then some nonsense on top. A no for me.


I don't even know where to start with this one...This is one of those movies where I just had to turn it off because I couldn't watch it anymore. I can't really tell anything about this movie other than the fact, that when I saw the first "action" scene between Hansel and Gretel and a witch, and the witch started flying on a broom through the forest, I just pressed the X button on my player. It was just too weird and that's a lot coming from a girl who loves the supernatural. After that my cousin who watched the whole thing, gave me a quick summary of the story and it sounded just terrible. A huge NO for me.


Now, if you read my previous posts I mentioned this TV show as one of the shows I need to watch / started watching. I held on pretty good with this one and watched 6 full episodes before finally giving up. It's just to damn complicated and weird. I mean, I love me some mystery but this is just too much. Most of the time you don't get what's going on and characters seem to have dialogs in their heads since things happen for no apparent reasons. And just when I though I might be less perceptive I goggled this show and found an awesome episode by episode review / summary from one guy and discovered that we both shared the same confusion around it. It's just too much. It's something new, that's for sure and the cast is pretty good looking but that's about it. Delete file - click. :)


Ohhh... how very sad I am for this show. I absolutely loved the first season. I had marathons watching episode after episode and thinking how amazing and fresh this show is... then the magic came to Storybrooke... and the magic went away for me. It just didn't work for me when all the characters suddenly knew who they were. I watched a couple of episodes of season 2 (maybe 3 or 4) and when Emma and Snow were thrown to another world... well that was the final straw for me, so I stopped watching the show. Well that and the fact that I just can get it how you can throw together stories like Snowhite with Mulan and Frankenstein - seriously? Frankenstein isn't even a story. No, just no.


Also a show I talked of before and looooved but then season 4 just ruined everything for me. I was truly in love with this show. I loved everything about it. It was something new, it was rough and it wasn't shy (cursing, sex, violence - the whole package) but when season 4 started they "removed" 3(!) out of 5 main characters. And we lost a great character in the 3rd season as well. It was just too much for me because I seriously loved the characters that were now gone, they made the show for me. I haven't deleted it yet and I kind of still have hope for it but after watching the first episode I just couldn't continue. Maybe I'll "force" myself to watch the remaining episodes.

So that's about it... Which movies or TV shows let you down?

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  1. Od teh poznam samo Once Upon a Time, pri katerem še vedno vztrajam, čeprav moram priznat da je Hook velik razlog za to... samo jaz že od začetka te serije nisem preveč resno jemala, mi je taka luštna pač, za sprostitev. Misfits se pa strinjam s tabo, na začetku mi je bila ful dobra, potem ko so začeli junake menjat pa nevemkajvse počet me je pa minilo :P

  2. Mah, jst sm bla pa res navdušena nad Once upon a time, pol so pa čist zabluzili. Misfits pa tut... ne morš tok dobrih, predvsem pa glavnih likov kr odstrant.