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13. julij 2013

Hello my lovelies! Another Saturday, another posts about stuff... I watched. :) This time - movies I watched recently or in the past couple of months.

WARNING: There might be some spoilers here and there. :)


This is a movie about a zombie Apocalypse. It concentrates on a single zombie called R that's "unusual" - he seems to be more aware of himself and others. He saves a (human) girl called Julie and starts to develop feelings for her.

I have to say I loved this movie. I had high hopes for it after seeing the trailer and I was not disappointed. Now... for all you "deep" people, this movie is certainly not a masterpiece and does not require you to dwell into your soul and contemplate the meaning of life, but it is certainly something new and most of all it's fun to watch. It doesn't have a great story behind it, other than the concept that "love cures/conquers all" and it's definitely not a scary/horror movie. I loved the main characters and I think the actors were great. I especially loved the lines between R and his best friend M (who was hilarious by the way). Also the zombies looked really good and the soundtrack was awesome. Wasn't a fan of the skeletons and the cliche ending (we won - everything is good in the world) but other than that it was just an awesome movie. Really enjoyed it. :)


This movie is about a young woman who escapes from her abusive husband and ends up in a small town where she meets a widower and his two kids. They fall in love but her past and secrets come to haunt her. 

I have mixed feelings about this one. I liked it but it wasn't great. I haven't read the book/novel so I wasn't familiar with the story and I can't tell you how different the movie is to the book (though I suspect it's pretty different and the book is way better). There were quite a few things that bothered me... The first was the fact that you couldn't really tell the woman (main character) has escaped from her abusing husband until later in the movie. At first you just see her running and then you see the police running after her and one particular police man/detective investigating what looks like to be a murder. So she basically looks like a murderer on the run. The second big thing that bothered me was the fact that she ran from an abusive husband and was wary of other people, especially men but then just fell in love with the widower (main male character) and slept with him on their first date. I mean... seriously? I could go on and on... there were a lot of things wrong with this movie. But it wasn't like I was in pain when I watched it, it was ok. And I liked some bits and pieces - by that I mean bits and pieces of Josh Duhamel. :D


It's a movie about a guy that's in love with his best friend but can't find a way to tell her and then meets another girl at a party. Soon they become friends and develop feelings for each other.

I really liked this movie. It's obviously a teen movie and about that special first time but it's very realistic and not portrayed romantically which is a breath of fresh air. It's really concentrated on the main two characters and their relationship. So much so that I would say it's too much or that it's a masterpiece at that. Can't really decide yet. I almost though I was going to hate the movie since it has a major twist or should I say the main characters split and almost hate each other but then it turns around. I really liked the soundtrack and loved the actors. Dylan O'Brian was basically the reason why I wanted to watch this movie. I just adore him - he's a mixture of cuteness, sexiness, quirkiness and great humor. :) A very nice movie. 


A boy raises and trains a foal to an adult horse which his father then sells to the army when World war I starts. He then also joins the army.

What can I say really, other than I loved it. I really loved this movie. I was crying most of the time and crying and smiling at the end. I think this is a masterpiece of a movie and I'm pretty shocked when I see some reviews of it on IMDB saying it's one of the worst movies Spielberg made and it's such a cliche and how in every Spielberg's movie animals have to be mistreated. Really? The title of the movie is WAR horse. I think no one really had a jolly good time during the war. I think it's a great movie. :)


Well... I won't even try to sum up this movie in a few sentences because you really need to see the first two parts and possibly The avengers (which I loved by the way) to know what it's about. 

This was another movie I liked. I'm not a HUGE Iron man fan and wasn't really anxiously waiting to see this movie but I really enjoyed it. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I really enjoy watching Robert Downey Jr. So handsome... :) There were a couple of things that bugged me - like the part where his house gets blown to pieces even though he's a robotic genius and could easily protect it.  And the ending was pretty lame with all of the suits exploding into fireworks - seriously? Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it.


The same as with Iron man 3 - you need to watch previous parts to know what's going on, so I won't go on about the story.

I really liked this movie too. I watched it a week or so ago. I liked watching all of the Fast & furious movies so I expected to like this one too. Before I tell you about a few things that bothered me in this movie, I have just two words for you - PAUL WALKER. Damn is that man gorgeous! I could stare at those baby blue eyes all day long. :) Back to the movie... So the major things that bugged me with this movie were a few special effects and some crazy, never gonna happen in real life stunts. I also didn't like how Letty supposedly lost her memory but then at the end of the movie joins her former team and lives happily ever after with Dom. I mean, one minute she's shooting at him, the other minute she's enjoying a nice family barbeque, sitting on his lap... sure, ok. :) I really liked the ending though and I can't wait to watch Fast & Furious 7.

IMDB score: 7.4

Have you seen any of these movies? Seen any other great movies you'd recommend?

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  1. Iron Mana že tako dolgo čakam. Na žalost ga nisem šla v kino gledat, ker mojega dragega ne zanima. Sem pa bila navdušena nad Fast&Furious, komaj čakam 7. del. :)

  2. Od teh sem zaenkrat gledala samo Warm Bodies, pa mi je bil zakon film :D Sem pričakovala da bo totalen fail kot je ponavadi, pa me je prijetno presenetil, sem se smejala večino časa :) Sem pa ravno zloadala The first time, ga bom verjetno danes pogledala :)

  3. @Taya - Pa si ga potegni z neta. :) Jaz načeloma niti ne maram hodit v kino gledat filme, ker mi jih drugi ljudje uničijo.

    @Lux - Jaz sem tudi bila zelo zadovoljna z njim. :) Poročaj kako se ti bo The first time zdel. ;)