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22. julij 2013

Hello my lovelies! Today I'm going to review an eyeshadow palette for you. I haven't bought any eyeshadow palettes since the Naked2, even though I'm a total eyeshadow addict. I really think long and hard before buying any eyeshadow palette. I ask myself - will I use it often, are the colors great for day and night time, are the colors special enough for me to get it or do I already own similar colors... stuff like that, you know. :) Eyeshadow palettes aren't cheap so, if I'm going to buy one I really have to want it. :D

I bought this eyeshadow palette at about 2 months ago. I wasn't searching for any palettes but this just kind of popped up and drew my attention. I did some reasearch, read some reviews, took a look at some swatches and decided I need to have it. :) I went to order it and... it was sold out. Thankfully it was back in stock in a few days and I was still able to use a discount code they had going at the time.

For 28.75 € I got a palette with 12 beautiful shadows. I absolutely love the cardboard packaging and how it looks inside and out, especially inside with all the beautiful girls. :) But the girls are exclusive to the 'Feeling Naughty' version. The 'Feeling Nice' version has the same image inside and out. All eyeshadow names start with the letter S and I really like the names they came up with. The palette is sturdy, has a magnet to close/open and is really thin/sleek. It also has a nice big mirror and a double-ended brush (which I haven't used yet and probably won't).

Now, let's break down the eyeshadows, one by one. :)

Sassy, Snobby, Stubborn and Stand-offish

Sassy - a frosted white color. Very smooth and has great pigmentation.
Snobby - a light yellow/gold color. Also smooth and pigmented but a bit more chalky/powdery than the other four colors from this 'quadrant'.
Stubborn - a light frosted pink color (looks darker in the pan). Very smooth, great pigmentation.
Stand-offish - a nice pink-bronze color with a smooth, buttery texture and great pigmentation, probably the best out of these four colors. Can have small chunks here and there when you swatch it.

Selfish, Sultry, Sophisticated and Seductive

Selfish - a beautiful frosted taupe/mushroom color with a lovely smooth texture and great color payoff.
Sultry - a warm, matte medium brown with a smooth texture and great pigmentation. It's almost a dupe for Buck from the Naked palette, but a bit warmer.
Sophisticated - a beautiful shimmering dark brown, also smooth and pigmented, but a bit less then the other colors from this 'quadrant'. Possibly a lighter, cooler version of Naked's Darkhorse, very similar to Sexpresso from Too Faced Natural eye kit, but a bit cooler.
Seductive - a gorgeous warm brown-bronze color with a beautiful buttery texture and great color payoff, the best out of these four colors.

Sexy, Silly, Serious and Sleek

Sexy - a gorgeous red-brown, burgundy color, the color that made me decide to buy this palette since I didn't have anything like it in my collection. It has a lovely smooth texture and great color payoff.
Silly - a lovely red-brown color with golden shimmer in it. This one has a bit of a 'harder' texture (if that makes sense) and isn't so buttery. It needs to be layered to get the wanted effect, otherwise it can be a bit sheer. Still, a nice color.
Serious - a matte black with a lovely texture and great payoff. Not the blackest of blacks, but very nice still.
Sleek - a matte, really dark brown color, almost black-brown. Very nice texture and great pigmentation.

I can say I really like all the colors, but of course, some more than others. I especially love Selfish and Sexy. Out of the lighter colors, Stand-offish is my favorite. I really like Seductive and Sleek since I don't own any similar colors.

All in all I'm really happy with this palette and the quality of the eyeshadows, though Urban Decay is still a winner for me. :) I think this palette can work for most women and offers a lot of diverse looks.

What do you think? Would you like to have it? :)

5 komentarjev:

  1. Wow, nekateri odtenki so res prekrasni :)

  2. Tole sem oa že gledala, me je embalaža pritegnila :) Barve so čudovite, pa cel izgled paletke sploh, bi jo z veseljem imela :)

  3. Preslaba sam na palete i ovakve nijanse :))

    Nisam sjela ovo vidjeti, sad želim jako :))

  4. Odtenki so vsekakor čudoviti, tako svetli kot tisti za bolj 'smokey' look, tako da definitivno bi imela paletko in si jo tudi že dolgo želim :)

  5. @Sanja - Res so lepi. Na splošno me je ta paleta pritegnila, ker nisem imela takšnih odtenkov. :)

    @Lux - Ja, theBalm ima sploh tako lep izgled za vse njihove izdelke. Zdaj imam že kup drugih njihovih reči ogledanih. :D

    @Dear Skin - Haha, pa nabavi je! :)

    @Sarchy87 - Priporočam! Do zdaj sem uporabila samo nekaj odtenkov, pa so vsi lepo izpadli na učkih. ;)