*Vichy Liftactiv Supreme face cream

01. december 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I'd like to talk to you about another lovely product from Vichy. It's their newest addition to the anti-aging line and it's called Liftactiv Supreme. Even though it's an anti-aging product, I think you can't really be too young to use it - as long as your skin likes it, you're ok. I'm heading toward that 25 year old mark in a couple of months and I think it's a perfect time to start doing something for my skin (anti-aging wise, of course - I do take care of my skin, don't worry). :)

The packaging is typical Vichy - that is gorgeous, of course. :) The product comes in a beautiful silver box and inside you find an even more beautiful white glass jar with a silver lid and a mirror on top of it (just like with the new Vichy Idealia face cream). Now, I personally don't mind having creams in jars, but I suspect some people won't be too keen on the idea and would prefer to have a tube version of this as well.

The cream, as the name suggest, is a 'lifting' one. Now I really don't think I need a face lift this early in my life, but a lifting effect usually means the skin will look firmer, fuller, plumper and just better in general - and who doesn't want that? :)

The whole smoothness effect most certainly comes from all the silicons added to the formula and that's probably one of the downsides of this cream - the formula. While it is a wonderful cream that smells absolutely heavenly (at least to me), I'm really not too fond of the ingredient list. It's pretty much packed with silicons, alcohols and other chemicals I can barely pronounce. That doesn't mean it's bad for your skin, but it certainly doesn't do much for it as far as any real benefits go (it doesn't contain any real natural ingredients or antioxidants for example).

I really like the cream and my skin seems to be happy with it as well, but I don't find it to be particularly nourishing (I have the normal/combination version), so if I have dry skin (which I now seem to have all the time) it can fall a little short. But, because it creates such a smooth surface (it almost works like a primer), it is a wonderful base for mineral makeup so it goes on really well with my Lily Lolo mineral foundation. It works well with liquid/cream foundation as well, just not when my skin is dry, because then it doesn't take care of dry patches and the foundation then sticks to them - not a pretty sight.

The price is quite steep - around 31 € at your local pharmacy.

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