*P2 Pure Color lipstick in Baker Street

14. november 2014

Hello darlings! Same day, another review... I really have so many reviews to put out, I decided to post multiple in one day all through the weekend. I just need to clear things out a bit, because I have so many more ideas for other posts and if I post one review per day, you'll be reading about my October favorites in January... :) Anyhew, I hope this won't be too much for you and you'll be able to keep up. Let's get to the review part now, shall we?

Anja from Moja Drogerija kindly sent me this beautiful lipstick back in the beginning of October (along with a face mask which will be reviewed soon as well). I've never tried anything from P2 before, but I was excited to try this product out. I'm rarely disappointed with lipsticks (except when they're matte - some formulas can be sooo dry), so I really had high hopes going in. :)

I was able to choose the shade I wanted to try so I decided to go for Baker Street. It's a very interesting shade and quite hard for me to describe. On the pictures bellow it turned out a bit cooler and more like a fuchsia. But I think it could be called a loud pink raspberry red (I say loud because it's a really vibrant, strong shade, definitely not my everyday color). It's very unique and a lovely addition to my collection. The closest shade I have to it, is probably Lily Lolo's Passion Pink.

The formula is amazing - super pigmented and very comfortable to wear (even if you have dry, slightly chapped lips). It doesn't seem to cling to dry patches and applies beautifully. I did have a bit of trouble with application though - since it is so strong and pigmented I had to be super careful not to get it over the 'edges' of my lips. It doesn't bleed, but it's a bit hard to control, if you get what I'm trying to say. I would almost be inclined to use a lip liner and lip brrush with this lipstick (just like I would with a red lippie).

It has great staying power and stains the lips pretty good - I had a pink hue on the lips for hours after I removed it, wearing it for only a few minutes (to take pictures for the blog), so it's pretty darn strong. :)

You can get this shade or any other one you fancy on Moja Drogerija for 3.50 €, but they are currently on sale for just 2.97 €!

What do you think of this shade, would you wear it? Have you tried any P2 products?

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  1. Tole si nas je največ izbralo! In nismo zgrešile, ker je res prekrasna, za vsak letni čas se mi zdi da paše.