Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in Milk Chocolate

30. oktober 2013

Hello my lovelies! Today I'll be reviewing Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer... again. Why again? Because I've reviewed it before, only the first time I was reviewing the 'original' and now I'll be reviewing the same product in the shade called Milk Chocolate. It is a lighter version of the original - a bronzer suited for even the palest of girls. :)

Sooo... The original Chocolate Soleil didn't really work out for me. It was gorgeous but it was just too dark for me. I needed to be really, really careful with it and apply just the tinniest amount and then blend the heck out of it, so I wouldn't end up looking like a Jersey Shore girl. It just wasn't a pleasure to use, because I was always worried how it would turn out, so I ended up giving it away. :)

Fortunately I discovered BeautyBay this year and the first thing I saw was that they carried Too Faced (I think I squealed a little at that point). I immediately browsed around and found Chocolate Soleil, but was surprised when I saw there were two shades to choose from - the original one and a lighter shade. I checked out some reviews (which were all very positive) and decided to get it.

I've been using it for over 3 months now and I absolutely love it. It's just the perfect shade for me. It's a light brown color that doesn't look orange or muddy when applied. It's great for bronzing up the skin or for contouring. Even though it's a totally matte color, it does give a very subtle sheen to the skin, if you look close enough (as you can hopefully see in the swatches bellow). And the scent... well, I just love anything that smells like chocolate, so you can imagine how much I love this. :) But for all of you who don't like the scent or don't like scented makeup period, I can tell you that the scent does not linger on your face.

I would say the only thing I dislike or don't particularly like about this product, is the packaging. I much prefer the older packaging, it looked better and it felt better (like it was of better quality). I mean, it's not like this new packaging is bad, it just fells a bit cheaper than the older one. It still shuts securely and doesn't open easily.

What's the price tag, I hear you ask? Well, like most Too Faced products, it's up there - I got it for 27.70 €, but currently you'll be paying 30.60 € for it on BeautyBay.

Click here to see how the bronzer looks on me (I used it in my recent FOTD). :)

Have you tried this bronzer or would like to try it? What's your favorite bronzer, do you even use one?

8 komentarjev:

  1. It's official: tebe krivim za moj bodoči bankrot :)
    Res izgleda kot popolni odtenek za nas, čisto bele :)

    1. Hehe... nč kriva, na lastno odgovornost bereš moj blog. :D
      Ne, res je super tale bronzer, brez heca. ;)

  2. Uuu, pretty :) Sem pa že leta nazaj našla pravi bronzer zame - EL Bronze Goddess.

    1. Res je lep bronzer... :) Bronze Goddess nisem še sprobala, je pa tudi kar visoka cena a ne?

    2. Yup, ob ceni se ti res kar oči zasolzijo, je okrog 40€.

    3. No, ampak vem pa da je ogromen in to tut traja lep čas... tko, da pomojem se splača. :)