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29. junij 2013

Hello my lovely readers! Here's another post about TV shows. I hope you like these kind of posts because I love writing them. :) In this post I'm going to cover the TV shows I'm planning on watching... soon. These are the shows that are currently on my "to watch" list. Here they are...


I think this show is well known. It's on its 8th season. I've watched some of the episodes here and there and know what it's about but I never really got into it. I think I'll get to it some time soon. I think I'll eater love it or won't find it interesting enough.


I've also seen bits and pieces of this show but never saw a full episode so maybe this even isn't a show for me but you know me... crazy TV show lady, has to watch everything and since it has a good IMDB score I think it's worth a try. The fact that the main characters are gorgeous helps a lot. :D


Now I don't usually watch these kind of shows but I watched an episode and loved it. Plus my best friend is watching it and loves it. Since we have similar taste I'm hoping this might be a nice show to watch and a little something different too. The fact that Timothy Olyphant is a very good looking guy makes it even a better choice. :)


I haven't seen a single episode of this show (at least I think so). All I know about it is that it evolves time travel. This show is well loved and talked about by people and has a high score on IMDB so I might start watching it soon. We'll see...


What??? You haven't watched Lost Maja? What's wrong with you? Have you been living under the rock? No... I just never really got into the show. I heard about it... like a lot. But I had other shows to watch. A lot of people seem to love (loved) this show so I might give it a try. I think I saw like a part of one episode and I was so confused I changed the channel. But... you never know, I might end up loving it.


Now this show I know I like because I've watched one or two episodes and really liked them, without being in the loop with all that was going on. I just don't know, if this is the kind of show I would stick to and have like marathons watching it. But I will definitely give it a try. The main character is also really charming and very good looking. :)


What??? You haven't watched this show either? And you call yourself a crazy TV show lady... shame on you. Well... I've watched a couple of episodes of this show and loved them I just didn't start watching it regularly. I watched their bloopers/gag reels and they were hilarious. I might get into this show though I'm kind of skeptical I'll stick with it since comedy shows aren't my favorites or aren't the type of shows I tend to stick to.

What shows are on your "to watch" list? :)

7 komentarjev:

  1. Komaj čakam novo sezono Dexterja, škoda da bo zadnja!
    Super post :)


  2. HIMYM je zakon! :)
    Drugače pa od telih tudi jaz nisem nobene gledala. Imam rada bolj girly zadeve ala Gossip Girl, 90210, Desperate Housewives...

    Moja tamala je glih Lost začela gledat in jo sploh ne odpopaš več od računalnika. XD

  3. @Gita - zgleda, da bom kr morala začet gledat Dexterja. :D

    @Sandra - uf, jst pa ne morem teh girly serij. Edino girly, ki jo gledam so Pretty Little Liars, pa še to ne vem, če bom nadaljevala, kr so tok zakomplicirali vse skupi. HIMYM bom pa tudi zgleda morala pogledat. ;)

  4. Loooooooooooooove HIMYM!!! Not as good now as it was back in season 1, but still enjoyable :) xx

  5. Na moji watch listi: Dexter (fino, da je čez poletje), The vampire diaries, Supernatural, Arrow, Revenge, Pretty little liars, The falling skies in še in še. Res sem tak freak na serije :D Tale White collar se sliši zanimiva, najbrž jo bom prečekirala.

  6. Ohoho... same dobre serije imaš za pogledat. :D

  7. Moja trenutno najljubša je Pretty little liars potem pa še The Lying game, Arrow, Supernatural, Grey's anatomy, Grimm, Once upon a time, Switched at birth, 90210, One tree hill, The O.C., Teen wolf, True Blood, Tin man, Greek, Modern family, Game of thrones....