NOTD: Night sky

05. oktober 2015

Hello again my lovelies! After a really, really long time I finally have a new NOTD for you (it's actually an old one, but new to the blog). It's a combination Mateja got us beauty bloggers hooked on quite a few months ago and I wasn't going to be the only one that hasn't tried it. :) Even though this nail polish from Essence isn't new and exciting anymore, I still thought it would be a shame if I wouldn't show it to you. :D

Nailtiques Formula 1 (base coat)
Essie Licorice (2 coats)
Essence Icy Fairy (1 coat)
Ciate Speed Coat (top coat)

Sooooo pretty... wouldn't you agree? :D

Till nex time! ;)

5 komentarjev:

  1. Krasna kombinacija, morem Ice Fairy malo na plano spet privlečt :D

  2. I regret nothing :D Icy Fairy je res ena izmed najbolj krasnih stvari ever <3

  3. To pa je res huda kombinacija, že dolgo nisem vidla tako lepe manikure, večernega neba (:

  4. Uuu ti je uspelo lepo fotografirat efekt! :) in tole je ena izmed najbolj izi, ampak prekrasnih kombinacija :)