Ciate Underwear & Speed Coat

06. maj 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I have a short and sweet review of Ciate's base and top coat - Underwear and Speed Coat. I got both in one of my Mini Mani Month boxes and decided to try them out with my latest manicure - Decadent Dish, which is currently still on my nails. :)

I'm really pleased and impressed with both the base and top coat. The moment I started applying Underwear (base coat) on my nails I knew I'd like it - it glides wonderfully on the nails and creates a lovely base for your nail polish. Out of all my base coats, I like the 'finish' of this one the most. It dries almost instantly so you don't need to wait a long time before applying the first layer of your chosen nail polish. :)

The top coat (Speed Coat) is also great. I didn't really have high expectations from it, being spoiled with my Seche Vite, but I was curious how it would preform. I liked the way it applied, very smooth, no air bubbles, no mess and no interference with the nail polish. It doesn't make the nail polish as glossy as Seche Vite, but it gets close enough. :) 

I'm still wearing the manicure I did 7 days ago and besides the obvious tip wear (which happens with Seche Vite as well), my nails look pretty nice. They are a bit 'roughed' up and the top coat has lost a bit of its shine, but other than that, I'm very happy with how they look. I really wasn't expecting this top coat to work this well. I'm probably going to do a new manicure today, but based on the condition of the one I have on, I can guarantee you it would be able to last at least 3 more days on me (so 10 days in total). Oh, and keep in mind that I've been doing a lot of cleaning up and other work, because I've been painting the walls in our flat and my hands were dirty most of the time... :)

And here are some pictures of the 'condition' my manicure is in currently...

I'm very impressed with both of these products and I just might consider buying the full size bottles when I run out of the mini ones I have (when I find them online of course - BeautyBay and Asos don't seem to carry them, perhaps they will in the future). The price is also pretty reasanoble - around 12-13 € probably (they cost £11 on Ciate's web site).

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