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05. maj 2014

Hello darlings! Today I'll be reviewing a couple of hair care products I got recently. I was on the hunt for a new shampoo and conditioner (though nothing was wrong with the ones I was using - Lush I love juicy shampoo and 100% Pure Honey & Virgin coconut restorative conditioner), I just wanted to try out something else for a change. :)

Let's talk about the shampoo first, shall we? It comes in 250 ml bottle with a screw-on cap. The packaging of both the shampoo and conditioner look lovely but are very unpractical, because you need to unscrew off the lid, pour the 'liquid' on to your hand and then screw on the cap again. The shampoo comes out pretty easily (even though it's not really runny in texture, it's quite thick and lovely), but I do struggle with the conditioner a bit, since it is very thick and I have to shake the bottle first, so the product even comes near the opening, then I need to squeeze the bottle to get some of it out - a bit of a hassle and I do wish both products would come with a pump or at least a different packaging that would make dispensing easier. Anyhew... let's get to the shampoo itself. :)

The shampoo is, as I've already mentioned, quite thick, not at all runny and feels really nice when you massage it into your hair. It lathers up very nicely, though I do need two washes, if my hair is particularly oily. The thing I love the most are the ingredients - even though this shampoo isn't sulfate free (which might bother some people, I myself don't really mind), it has a wonderful blend of natural ingredients such as chamomile, hops, quilaja, wild cherry bark, aloe, calendula and much more (check out the full list here). It also has a wonderful, natural scent to, nothing overpowering and just enough to make you hair smell lovely and fresh, without clashing with your other hair care/hair styling products. I have to say, I wasn't expecting to like this shampoo, but it turned out to be great. :)

The conditioner came in a 500 ml bottle, though it said 250 ml on the website, so I'm not sure if that's a mistake and the conditioner comes in a larger bottle or a mistake was made by sending me this larger 'version' (but I suspect it's the first, because you can't choose sizes on the site). Anyway, I'm happy I got the large bottle, since I tend to use up my conditioners way before I use up the shampoos. :)

Again, as I mentioned before, the conditioner is really thick and creamy (which I love) and I have some issues getting it out of the bottle, but that doesn't make it any less great. :) Now, I'm really not the right person to evaluate conditioners based on how they repair or smooth out hair, because my hair is really not dry, damaged or 'hard', I have naturally very fine, soft hair and don't have any problems with it, besides an oily scalp. Every conditioner does seem to make my hair smoother and less tangled (in comparison with not using a conditioner at all) but I don't necessarily see a huge difference in my hair when using it. I do however still prefer using a rich, creamy, thick conditioner, because then I have the feeling something is working and I'm treating my hair with the love it deserves, every time I wash it. :) So, this conditioner seems to work perfectly for me - it feels really nourishing and doesn't way my hair down or make it oily any sooner (though I never apply conditioner on my roots, I tend to concentrate it on the ends and up to my ears or so). Again, as with the shampoo, I love the natural ingredients (check the full list here) and the gentle, fresh scent to it. :)

So, all in all I have to say I'm really happy with both of these products and I wasn't expecting to like them as much as I do. The price of the shampoo and conditioner is a bit higher than your average drug-store ones, but nothing too over the top (at least in my mind) - I paid 14.90 € for the shampoo and 16.70 € for the conditioner

Now I don't know if I'm going to repurchase these two things since I have my eye on a few other shampoos/conditioners, but they certainly are worth repurchasing and now that I've tried something from this brand I think I might have to explore it further and try a couple of other products from them as well. :)

What are your thoughts on these two products? Have you tried anything from this brand before? What shampoo/conditioner are you using at the moment?

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