Empties #3

10. april 2014

Hello hunnies! After a looooong time, I finally have another empties post for you. What can I say... I like to gather my empties and have a bigger 'pile' to show you at once, rather than show you bits and pieces I've used up, every month. And I just don't seem to use up that much makeup apparently... :) Anyhew, let's get down to business, shall we?

Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish - I think this is the third bottle I've used up. I just love this stuff so much. No other cleanser/makeup remover has gotten even close to this baby. Sure, there are other cleansers/makeup removers that do the job, but they just don't do it as good. Repurchase: of course, already have a new bottle and I also have the limited edition one (can't wait to use it)

Liz Earle Eyebright soothing eye lotion - An amazing eye lotion that works wonders for tired, puffy, irritated eyes and I've had those for a few months now. It's a real lifesaver I tell you. Repurchase: of course, I don't ever want to be without it

Liz Earle Instant Boost skin tonic - A lovely tonic that's gentle and smells so, so nice. It really does give your skin a little boost and prepares it for moisturizer. I also like to use this on it's own, throughout the day, if my skin needs a little 'pick me up'. :) Repurchase: yes indeed, love this stuff

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 micellar solution - A nice micellar water/solution that does a great job at removing makeup and does not sting/irritate my eyes. I like it and I would repurchase it, but I've discovered the Garnier 'version' that has a bigger and better bottle for the same price. Repurchase: no

Yes to tomatoes Daily clarifying cleanser - A nice gel cleanser that smells wonderful, lathers/foams up nicely and does a great job at cleansing your skin, but it did leave my skin feeling a bit dry after each use and I really, really don't like that. Repurchase: no

Alverde Clear cleansing cream - Awesome stuff! A great, gentle cleansing cream that cleanses my skin without leaving it with a tight/dry feeling afterwards. It's so gentle I can even use it on my eyes and it doesn't irritate them one bit. The price is also amazing for such a great product. Repurchase: absolutely, time and time again

Antipodes Aura manuka honey mask - Gorgeous mask, very expensive, but so, so nice. :) It smells like a little piece of heaven and leaves your skin feeling like a million bucks. I actually had it for around 10 uses - I thought it wouldn't last me that long. Repurchase: definitely, when I have some extra money :)

100% Pure Honey&Virgin coconut restorative conditioner - A beautiful conditioner that smells divine and actually lingers on my hair for some time. It did a great job at moisturizing my hair. I do/I did prefer the older/previous version of it, but this one is awesome as well. Loved using it! Repurchase: maybe, currently testing out other conditioners

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette enhancing conditioner - A lovely drugstore condtioner that's a bit on the higher-end (I think it's around 8 € or something like that). It did a great job at moisturizing my hair and keeping them soft and shiny, but it wasn't anything special and it certianly did not enhance my brown locks (I'm more blond than brown, like a dark blond maybe and I hoped it would bring out the brown more - it didn't). Repurchase: no

Sanctum conditioner for normal hair - This was a bit of a let down. It was a nice conditioner but it just didn't do it for me - it was a bit on the thinner side. Sure, my hair was soft(er) after I used it, but that happens no matter what conditioner I use (I have naturally soft, silky hair). I just didn't feel it did anything for my hair really. Maybe the dry hair version is better. Repurchase: no

Batiste dry shampoo (in Original) - Amazing stuff, can't live without it! As a girl that has fine, soft hair with an oily scalp I need something to keep my hair looking decent on the days I don't wash them (I try not to wash my hair too often). It really absorbs the oils and makes the hair look fresh. And most importantly - it doesn't leave a white 'cast' on my hair and you can easily comb it out/through your hair. Repurchase: yup! I got the Cherry and the Oriental version

Dove Purely pampering CreamOil shower gel - Dove shower gels/oils/creams are just the best thing ever! I've tried numerous showering gels/products and none have come close to Dove's. They're just so darn creamy and moisturizing and I can get out of the shower without the 'my skin is too small for me' feeling. Repurchase: of course, I always have one or two of these in stock

Lush Retread conditioner - The lovely lady at Lush gave me a generous sample of this conditioner when I came to pick up my trusty I love Juicy shampoo and told her American Cream wasn't enough for my hair. Sadly, this was in the same category - it's just too thin and I don't really feel it does anything for my hair. Repurchase/purchase: no

Illamasqua Freak perfume - Can we just take a minute of silence, because I'm in mourning. I freaking love Freak and I'm so sad I've run out of it. It has become my signature scent and ever since I got it, I haven't used any other perfume - I've been using it nonstop for 3 months straight and my 30 ml bottle has finally come to an end. I'm definitely getting the full size next time, but I just don't have the money right now, so I'll be a good girl and use up some other perfumes I got and only then repurchase this baby again. It will be hard, but I must say goodbye to it for a little while... :( Repurchase: hell yeah!

Essence Nail polish remover - A nice nail polish remover, did a great job, had kind of an interesting scent to it, but all in all nothing special. I've been loving my Cien nail polish remover (from Lidl) lately, because it has a great dispenser so I'll probably just keep using this one. Repurchase: no

Maybelline One by One mascara - A great mascara, loved it! It has a plastic wand/bristles which separate your lashes whilst giving volume and length (I find most Maybelline mascaras are good at that) and most importantly - it doesn't irritate my eyes. Love the packaging as well. Repurcase: maybe, trying other mascaras out at the moment

e.l.f. Tone correcting concealer (in Rosy Beige) - A lovely, creamy, light concealer with a slightly illuminating affect to it and of course, tone correcting properties (it has a peachy undertone so it battles under eye circles). I love this concealer for under my eyes, but don't use for blemishes or other imperfections. It also smells nice, which is a plus for me. :) Repurchase: yes, already have

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  1. Nice post Maja! I am a fan or natural products and havent tried any of Liz Earle products, can you believe it? would def give it a go soon! x

    1. Thank you! :) You really need to try some Liz Earle products, especially the Cleanse&Polish. :D

  2. Ko pridem domov, moram poskusit to tvojo Liz :D Še posebej me zanima cleanser. Cene od Johna Friede so pa pri nas čisto preveč nabite. Ko sem si kupovala šampon v Ameriki (sicer je blo to 2 leti nazaj), sem opazila, da so njihovi šamponi med najcenejšimi tam, Dove je pa naprimer med dražjimi drugstore.. :D

    1. Ja ne vem kaj čakaš, hitr sprobat Cleanse&Polish! :D

      Ja, cene so pa itak različne glede na to iz kje izdelek prhaja - v Ameriki so pa Evropske znamke dražje (vsaj večina).

  3. Jeej za empties! Morem sprobat tale ELF concealer in Dove tuš gel :)

    1. Priporočam... itak je par evrov, tko da tut če ti ne bo všeč... :D Dove geli/kreme za tuširanje so pa the bomb, resno!