Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched lip cream

25. februar 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I'm reviewing a gorgeous lipstick from Too Faced - La Creme Color Drenched lip cream in the shade Spice Spice Baby. I really wanted to try out a lipstick from Too Faced since I love the brand (I have their eyeshadow palettes, bronzer, I tried their eyeshadow primer, etc.). I had quite a hard time choosing a shade because they have so many beautiful ones in this collection. In the end I went for Spice Spice Baby and I'm so very happy with it. :)

A you can see from the pictures above, the packaging is stunning with beautiful details, but the lipstick bullet itself is also beautiful - a luxurious golden metal packaging that is quite heavy and has the name of the brand written on the bottom part of it (the words/letters aren't engraved but 'stick out' so you have a beautiful texture 'thing' going on). The lipstick closes very securely and feels wonderful in your hand.

The shade of the lipstick is a perfect 'my lips but better' shade for me - it gives my lips a pop of color but does not stand out too much and looks very natural. It's really hard to describe the shade... I would say it's a neutral pink or maybe even a pink-brown color? The name of the shade suggests that it's from the spice/brownish shade family and I've read a review where someone described the color as a salmon beige, so you decide for yourself... In any way, it really is gorgeous. :)

The formula of the lipstick is great - I would say it is a perfect mixture of creamy and glossy/waxy with excellent pigmentation. The application is a dream - it glides on the lips with such ease. It feels wonderful and moisturizing, you don't need to put a lip balm underneath. Because of the formula you can expect it's not a very long lasting lipstick, but I really don't mind that (I much rather reapply throughout the day than have dry, uncomfortable feeling lips). The lipstick does have quite a distinct scent to it, so if that bothers you, stay clear. It's a hard scent to describe but I do smell something sweet, something vanilla-like. :)

The price is pretty hefty (as it is with most Too Faced products) - I got it for 19 € on BeautyBay (I see the regular price is now 22.80 €). Still... I think it is worth it. It looks luxurious and it feels luxurious on the lips as well, it's a wonderful lipstick and I will be getting more shades. :)

What are your thoughts on this lipstick/this shade? 

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  1. Malce me spominja na Revlonov Berry smoothie :) Je pa res lep odtenek ja :)

    1. Aja? Nisem še sprobala nobene Revlonove šminke... Tale je pa res čudovita šminka, bom morala še kak odtenek kupit v kratkem. :)

  2. Tole pa je res krasen odtenek za vsak dan. :)