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25. december 2013

Hello lovelies! I hope you've had (and are still having) a wonderful Christmas! :D Today I decided to do the 'My ideal palette' tag. The tag was created by Carah Amelie but I was tagged by Taya (go check out how she did this tag here). I thought it was a great tag, so I went ahead and did it. I was planning on doing it sooner, but to tell you the truth, I had a very hard time choosing only 10 eyeshadows. As you probably already know, I'm a total eyeshadow junkie and have quite a few palettes, so I just couldn't decide which ones to pick. :) 

Here are the rules for picking out eyeshadows for your ideal palette:

2 highlight colors
2 lid colors
2 crease colors
2 outer corner colors
2 bonus colors
♥ palette packaging

2 highlight colors: I decided to go with Virgin (UD Naked palette) and Soulmates (Too Faced Romantic eye palette). I would describe Virgin as more of a pink-nude highlight, more of a satin than a shimmer, quite subtle really. Soulmates is also a bit on the pink side but has more white in it and is a bit more shimmery, more noticeable. Ideally I would want a matte highlight in my palette, but I actually don't own one (as I discovered when swatching all my highlight colors). I do have Foxy and W.O.S. from the Naked Basics palette, but I think they're a bit too yellow/pink to be used as a highlight on my skin tone.

2 lid colors: I knew right away that one of the lid colors would have to be Toasted (UD Naked palette). It's my absolute favorite eyeshadow and most used as well (I'm creating quite a dent in it and that's a huge deal for me, since I do own quite a lot of eyeshadows). It's just such an amazing pink-bronze color. I love it so much, I even dedicated a whole post to it. :) The other lid color was quite hard to choose, I love and use so many... but recently I've fallen in love with Dope (UD Vice2 palette) and I decided I would really like to have it in my 'ideal palette'. :) It's a gorgeous nude pink shade that looks very flattering on the eyes. It seems I really like my pinks, doesn't it? :D

2 crease colors: Again, I knew I would want a matte brown shadow for my crease, but didn't know which one exactly (I have quite a few). In the end I decided to go with Faint (UD Naked Basics palette). It's a lovely, rich dark brown color, great for defining the crease. The other color I decided to go for, was Sexy (theBalm Nude'tude palette). It's a gorgeous, burgundy color, great for the crease, yet something a bit more interesting than brown. :)

2 outer corner colors: For the outer corner I knew I would want a matte black color, so I can use it to 'smoke' out a look, darken it, or use it as a liner. I have 3 matte blacks but out of all of them, Crave (UD Naked Basics palette) is the best. Though some say it's not a 'true' black but more of a brown black, I really don't see a lot of brown in it and I find it intense enough for my taste. :) The second color was a bit harder to choose... I was looking at a lot of them, wondering which one would compliment the other shades in 'my palette' the most and which one do I actually use the most. In the end I decided to go with Darkhorse (UD Naked palette). It's a color I find hard to describe - something along the way of gray-brown-bronze, a really gorgeous eyeshadow.

2 bonus colors: Oh boy, were these two colors hard to choose. I had my eye on so many, I wanted to include a bunch of my favorite eyeshadows here, but there was just room for two. I decided I would go with Half Baked (UD Naked palette), because I feel like you need a good gold eyeshadow, it's just glamorous and festive and basically a must for me. :) The second one really got me scratching my head... I wanted a pop of color, something fun. I was juggling between green, purple, blue and in the end went with Gunmetal (UD Naked palette). It's a gorgeous silver-blue color, that I think is just amazing and a great addition to 'my palette'.

All in all I think I'm really happy with the palette I 'designed'. It's a palette that's more on the neutral side, but that's good, because I would actually use it. I do and I would use every single color from this palette. I can honestly say I would survive having only this palette in my makeup collection... but let's be real, I absolutely love all my eyeshadow palettes and I love the diversity they give me. :)

As for the packaging... I think I would put my colors in the packaging of the Nude'tude palette from theBalm. The palette is just so thin and sleek (half the size/width of the Naked palette). It has a lovely, hard cardboard packaging with a nice design on it and also inside it. The magnetic closing is very secure so the palette never opens by itself (very travel friendly). I do prefer the shape and placement of the eyeshadow the way they are in the UD Naked palette, but I wouldn't really mind, if they were 'positioned' the way they are in this palette. :)

So here you have it... my ideal eyeshadow palette. I really had a lot of fun creating this tag/post. :) Maybe I'll do another one like this just because I love so many eyeshadows...

What do you think of my palette, would you buy it? :D

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  1. Tudi jaz bi z veseljem kupila tole tvojo paletko :) Že samo zaradi Dope, tee-hee. :P
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

    1. Hvala! :D Ja, Dope je res čudovit odtenek... :D

  2. Kok so hude senčke! Noro! :)

  3. Super izbira barv, mislim da bi jih vsaka z veseljem nosila :)

  4. Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays :)

  5. Zanimiva izbira, te pa čisto razumem pri težavah z izbiranjem, sama se sploh ne morem odločit :)

    1. Zanimiva kot dobra ali ne? :D Ja, sploh ne govori... sem se tako težko odločila za teh 10. :)

  6. uuu, huda paletka :)!
    Sploh tale Sexy mi je res huda barva :D

    Bom z veseljem prebrala še kakšno podobno objavo o paletkah, če se boš odločila,
    mogoče tag perfect palette :)

    1. Hvala! :D Skoraj sigurno bom naredila še en ta tag, ker mi je bilo res zelo všeč 'ustvarjati' svojo paletko. Mogoče pa naredim tudi perfect palette tag. :)

  7. Super post in super fotke :)! UD zmaga, ane? :)
    Želim ti čudovite praznike :).


    1. Hvala Gita! Ja, UD je top! In pa tudi tebi želim lepe praznike! :D