Avon Ultra color lipstick

22. oktober 2013

Hello again my lovelies! Today I have a few of Avon's lipsticks for you. It has been a while since I've ordered anything from Avon (even though I reviewed the Moroccan argan oil last week, I bought it quite some time ago). I was 'innocently' browsing through the latest Avon catalog and I stumbled across these lipsticks. The shade selection impressed me right away so I decided to get one, or two, or four... :D What? Don't look at me like that... I couldn't decide. :D

From left to right: Carnation, Country Rose, Knockout Pink, Red 2000

I have to say I wasn't expecting too much from these lipsticks - being spoiled with my Urban Decay, Lime Crime and other high end lipsticks, but to tell you truth I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. They are all very creamy, very opaque and feel wonderful on the lips (not drying whatsoever). They also hold on pretty well - they lasted me around 2-3 hours with a bit of drinking and eating. They have a nice scent, I would say they smell like some sort of candy, definitely sweet, but nothing too much and I couldn't really detect the scent once I've applied them on my lips.

The packaging is really nice too - it doesn't feel cheap and I love the fact, that the top is clear so you can actually see the color of the lipstick without opening it (that comes in handy when you have multiple lipsticks). I'm really happy with the shades I've chosen even though almost all of them look very different in real life than they do in the catalog, so be warned. :)

Country Rose is the only one that has shimmer in it... I'm really not a fan of shimmery lipsticks, but I actually don't mind it with this one, I feel like it looks really nice on my lips. I love how pinky-nude Carnation is - a wonderful every day color for me. Knockout Pink was definitely a surprise - I wasn't expecting it to turn out the way it did and when I first applied it, it just knocked me out (get it?). No, really... it's a gorgeous color. It reminds a bit of Wood Rose cream from Elizabeth Arden (the later is a bit more dark and a bit more on the reddish/brownish side). Red 2000 is a great, classic red. I think it actually looks good on me, but I'm still not comfortable with wearing red. I did found out that I'll probably have to invest in a red lip liner, if I'm going to try to pull off a red lip any time soon - my fat ass lips are just well... too fat and the red lipstick tends to go all over the place. :D

The price of these lipsticks was great in my opinion - 4.50 € each. Yes, you can get cheaper lipsticks but I think the price is right for these, considering the quality. I would really like to own a few more shades - like I said before, the shade selection is impressive and right up my alley. :)

Now I leave you with some more pictures so you can see how each one looks on my lips...

So, what are your thoughts? Which one is your favorite? :)

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