Estee Lauder Sensuous perfume

07. avgust 2013

Hello my lovely readers! Today I have for you a little review of another perfume I got a couple of months ago. As usual, I got this perfume at It's THE place for me when I'm on the hunt for new perfumes - great prices, lots of sales and offers. :)

Again, as usual, I always decide to buy a certain perfume after I read everything about it on :) I decide, if I would like a perfume based on reviews of other people and notes the perfume has in it. I'm into heavy, strong perfumes, so vanilla, honey, pralines, spices are some of the things I like in a perfume. I don't really like fresh, floral, fruity perfumes. I mean, I don't mind if there are flowers or fruits in a perfume, I just don't like it, if a perfume smells too floral or fruity. :) 

Ok Maja, we get it already, now tell us more about this perfume will you? :D

Well, I can tell that I'm very happy with this perfume. It's a gorgeous fragrance. It's very special in my opinion. Without trying to describe the scent too much, I would say that it is definitely a balmy, soft scent. I can't really say I smell the honey or any of the flowers, or the mandarin orange, I just smell pure loveliness. :) When you first spray it on your skin it can be quite intense, but it settles down so beautifully. Every time I wear it, I get tons of compliments so that tells you something as well. I think it's a great summer scent but I would wear it any time of the year, day or night. I also love the bottle - it's simple yet beautiful. The glass botle has waves through it (like sand waves) and the cap is a beautiful rose gold color. 

I am already itching to get both the Nude and Noir version of this perfume since I like this one so much. I got this 30 ml bottle for 25 €, which I think is a great price for such a gorgeous perfume.

"Warm. Luminous. Feminine. A modern new definition of sensuality. Confident and elegant. A rich sensuous core of Molten Woods and Amber, surrounded by atmospheric florals, Pepper, Mandarin Orange Pulp and Honey."




What do you think of this perfume, have you tried it or any other Estee Lauder perfumes? Which is your favorite summer scent?

3 komentarji:

  1. Uuu, sliši se omamno! Tudi jaz ne maram preveč izrazito sadnih ali cvetličnih dišav, dišijo mi pudrnati vonji, tudi kakšne začimbe, sploh vanilija, karamela, cimet, med.. skratka kar podobno kot tebi..

    Mogoče pa je za probat ;).. Mogoče veš, se ga dobiti tudi pri nas? Me mika, da bi ga stestirala:)

  2. Res super diši! :)

    Žal ti ne znam povedat ali je na voljo pri nas, ker odkar sem odkrila Cheapsmells, sploh ne gledam več parfumov v naših drogerijah. Mogoče bi kakšen Muller ali pa Limoni imel tale parfum.

  3. hvala za odgovor, bom pobrskala in ga mogoče kje najdem :)