Liz Earle skin care line (haul + review)

05. avgust 2013

Hello my lovely readers! Today I have a pretty long post for you - a haul and review of Liz Earl skin care products. If you've been following my blog for some time now, you probably already know I love Liz Earl. I've fallen head over heals for this brand ever since I placed my first order and tried the famous Cleanse&Polish (you can take a look at the full review I did back then). I think their products are pretty reasonably priced and even though the shipping is quite expensive, it's totally worth it because they pack your items so nicely, they always include a little letter for you and you always get something extra. :)

Even though I've already tried the Cleanse&Polish and their Instant Boost Skin tonic and loved both of them, I wasn't sure, if I would like other items from their skin care line so I decided to order the Try-Me kit for normal/combination skin. In that kit I got the Cleanse&Polish (30 ml), Instant Boost Skin tonic (50 ml), Skin repair moisturizer for normal/combination (15 ml), Eyebright soothing eye lotion (50 ml) and a muslin cloth. But (as always) they threw something extra in - so I got another tube of the Skin repair moisturizer. :) After trying out all these things I made another order and this is what I got...

Cleanse&Polish hot cloth cleanser (100 ml)

I won't go on too much about this cleanser because you should all know by now how much I love it. :) It is a very thick, creamy cleanser which you massage into your skin (dry skin, you don't wet your face first). You massage it all over your face, leaving your eyes for the end so you don't get eye makeup everywhere. It melts all the makeup and you simply rinse it off with a muslin cloth dipped into hot water (if you have very sensitive skin, then you can use warm water). It does not leave any traces of makeup behind but I don't use waterproof mascara so I can't vouch for that (though I do believe it would remove that too).

I love the bottle and the pump it comes with. I usually use 2 pumps, if I have full-face makeup on, otherwise one pump is more than enough. I love the way it feels on the skin, it doesn't sting my eyes, it smells really nice and it does not dry out my skin. I don't have anything bad to say about it really. :) If you order the 100 ml pump starter kit (17 €) you get two muslin cloths with the cleanser.

Here are some photos of it action... Looks pretty nasty but the end result is amazing. :D

Instant Boost Skin tonic (200 ml)

I got this toner to try out with my first order and I loved it right away. When I ran out of it, I wanted to buy the large 200 ml bottle but decided to ordered the Try-Me kit first (it comes with the small 50 ml bottle). Before I ran out of it again, I (finally) ordered the big bottle and I'm so happy I did. I love the opening mechanism on this bottle - you twist the cap left and right to open it and the small opening is great for getting the right amount on the cotton pad.

As I said before, this toner smells divine and feels really nice and refreshing on the skin. It's not a miracle worker (and it doesn't claim to be) but it definitely 'boosts' up your skin and makes it look fresh and supple. I always use it after Cleanse&Polish but I also like to use it on its own to refresh and cleanse my skin. I love it and I think I'll keep repurchasing it. The 200 ml bottle costs 15 €, but you can also get the spritzer bottle, if you'd prefer that.

Skin repair moisturizer for normal/combination skin (50 ml)

Since I got two 15 ml tubes in the Try-Me kit I ordered, I got to really test out this moisturizer and see how it works for my skin. Fortunately my skin seemed to love it so I decided to get the 50 ml jar. I was a bit surprised when I opened the jar because the cream looked really thick (it didn't seem thick at all when I was using it from the tube). I was afraid that it was a different formula and it would be too heavy for my skin, but that was not the case. Even though the cream is on the thicker side it glides on the skin really nicely and absorbs quickly. It does leave me with a bit of a shine but that really doesn't bother me since I tend to put foundation or powder over it. And even, if I'm not wearing any makeup I prefer to have a little shine than to look completely matte.

I don't mind it being in a jar/pot but that might bother some people. I love the scent of it, very gentle and doesn't linger on the skin. I think it's a great face cream and I love using it. The 50 ml jar costs 22 €, but you can get the 50 ml tube for the same price.

Eyebright soothing eye lotion (150 ml)

This is another thing I got in the Try-Me kit. At first I thought yeah right, eye lotion - it's probably just a fancy toner you use on your eyes. I was so, so wrong. This stuff is amazing! It feels so nice on the eyes. The first time I tried it was one evening when my eyes were really tired and burned a bit. I thought let's see, if this really works... My eyes instantly felt better - they were soothed, refreshed and didn't burn any more. I was really blown away and I immediately knew I was going to repurchase it.

As all the other Liz Earle products, this also smells nice, but has a very gentle scent which is great since you use it on your eyes. I seriously love this stuff and recommend it, especially if you have tired, puffy, irritated eyes. The 150 ml bottle costs 12.50 €.

Daily Eye repair SPF10 Triple eye care (5 ml)

This is the only item I did not get in the Try-Me kit but decided to purchase it anyway. Since I didn't know how I would like it, I got the small 5 ml tube instead of the large 15 ml tube. It turns out I like this product as well. :) It's a lovely eye cream. It has a nice consistency - not too thick and not too runny. It absorbs nicely into the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or heavy, but moisturized. It doesn't really have a smell which is fine with me (I really don't need a perfumed cream to put around my eyes). I'll probably be repurchasing the larger tube when I run out of it. :) The 5 ml tube costs 9 € and the 15 ml tube costs 17 €.

Here's a photo so you can see the consistency of the Cleanse&Polish (on top), the eye cream (down, left) and the face moisturizer (down, right).

Orange Flower botanical body wash (200 ml)

I got this item for free along with my purchase - it was an offer they had that month and you were able to choose from three different things, I chose this body wash. Unfortunately I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you, if I like it or not but it does smell really nice. I'll let you know my thoughts on it in the near future... The 200 ml bottle costs 14 €.

Phew... this was a really long post, I hope I didn't overwhelm you. :) All in all I have to say I'm very pleased with all Liz Earle products I tried so far and I know I'll be trying some new ones quite soon. 

Have you tried any of these items or would like to try? Let me know in the comments bellow...

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  1. Awesome review :) In btw ni nič predolgo. Načrtujem kupit samo Cleanse&Polish za zdaj, čeprav me malo skrbi, da mi ta evkaliptusov vonj ne bo najbolj všeč. Pa torbico bi imela, ker je mentolno zelena *blush*

  2. Mislim, da je vonj zelo prijeten in da te ne bo nič motil. Meni je zelo vsec. :)

  3. sliši se zelo obetavno, ojej me že mika, uboga denarnica!

  4. Vem kako ti je... :D Pri meni Visa vsak mesec trpi, no pa tudi denarnica v naših drogerijah. :)