Yes to carrots shampoo and conditioner

23. julij 2013

Hello again my lovely readers! Another day, another review... This time of the Yes to carrots shampoo and conditioner. 

I bought these two items (along with a few others) from at the end of April. I was searching for a new shampoo and conditioner and the 'Yes to' line came up in my search. I was deciding between the 'Yes to carrots' and the 'Yes to tomatoes' line. I ended up getting these two products from the 'Yes to carrots' line and a facial cleanser from the 'Yes to tomatoes' line (review will be coming soon).

I can't say I'm overly excited about these two items. I love that the packaging is big (500 ml) but I hate the cap/opening mechanism thingy. You press down on one end and the other end pops up a bit, revealing a small opening where the product comes out. That's all fine and dandy... except when the product doesn't come out. I don't know, if this is something that's wrong with the bottles I got or, if it's a general thing but you can not get any product out. I screwed off the caps and soak them in water, put them under running water and tried to clear the opening with a toothpick but still... there's no way any product is coming out through that opening. I think it's because the opening is so small and narrow and both the shampoo and conditioner have a quite thick consistency. So that leaves me with having to unscrew the caps and pore some product into my hand and screw the caps back on, every time I wash my hair which can get pretty annoying, at least for me.

The shampoo and conditioner are pretty heavily fragranced (almost like salon shampoos) though perfume is listed at the very bottom of the ingredient list. The scent is very pleasant, but definitely not natural. My hair smelt really nice after washing and the scent stayed on quite a long time. The shampoo once got into my eyes and it burned so, so bad. I find that really strange since this is supposed to be a gentle, more natural shampoo and it does seem to have great ingredients. I mean I know shampoo will sting your eyes, but this one hurt really bad.

Otherwise I think both products work good but are probably not for my oily hair. I mean, the conditioner is fine, I like heavy, moisturizing conditioners but the shampoo is maybe a bit too gentle or too heavy/nourishing for my liking. I always had to shampoo twice to get the feeling that my hair was actually clean and fresh. I don't expect a shampoo to perform miracles on my hair since my hair gets oily really really fast, but some shampoos work better than others. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think these two products are bad at all and I would use up them up, but I found something better in the meantime. I think these two products would work great for someone with normal or dry hair (as it says on the bottle). I think the tomato line would suit my oily hair much better. :)

Let me know which is your favorite shampoo and conditioner... :)

5 komentarjev:

  1. Tole je bilo super za prebrat, ker sem vedno na lovu za novimi šamponi in balzami. Čeprav se mi zdi, da zdaj en čas ne bom zamenjala Dove Nourishing Oil balzama :)

  2. Hvala! Od Dove še nisem probala nobenega izdelka za lase, so mi pa zelo všeč njihovi kremni geli za prhanje.

  3. Nisam probala, ali zanimljivo zvuči.

    Idem naručiti šampon :D

  4. Tole linijo sem že gledala, pa jo bom po tvoji oceni raje na miru pustila - nimam živcev za takšno odpiranje :D Meni so še vedno najljubši Lushevi izdelki - za mastne lase poskusi šampon v trdi obliki Seanik, sicer naj bi bil za volumen ampak moja kolegica prisega na njega :)

  5. @Dear Skin - Haha... :)

    @Lux - Trenutno ravno uporabljam Lush-eve izdelke za lase, I love juicy in pa American cream. :)