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09. april 2015

Hello my darlings! About a week ago I attended a beautiful Vichy event that was focused on the presentation/launch of their newest addition to the Idealia line - Skin Sleep Recovery Night gel-balm. I've been using it ever since and am preparred to share my thoughts with you... but before I do that, don't forget to check out my reviews of the Idealia day cream & eye cream.

First, let's talk about the packaging - it's stunning (as is the whole Idealia line)! This particular cream comes in a darker pink shade and offers a lovely contrast to the pale pink day cream. I personally love to have creams in a jar, but I do imagine that some people would prefer to have it in a tube as well, so that might be a downside.

| The cream contains hyaluronic acid, glycyrrhizic acid, caffeine, LHA, vitamin B3 and more. |

The scent and consistency of the night cream is so similar to the day cream, that I was worried it was basically the same product only marketed as a night cream. But, as soon as I applied it on my skin and started to massage it in, I noticed the difference - the night cream is considerably... not thicker per se, but balmier (if that's even a word). The name gel-balm is pretty darn accurate - it's super light, but you can feel it works like a balm when you apply it. It is much richer than the day cream (probably due to the addition of oils) and keeps my skin hydrated/moisturized for much longer.

As with the whole Idealia line, this cream also makes your skin look instantly brighter, fresher and healthier even though it doesn't seem to have any fine micro shimmer running through it (like the eye cream or serum). All in all I'm very happy with this cream and will continue using it. ;)

You can find this cream and any other product from the Idealia line in your nearest pharmacy (or even drugstore - I've seen DM started to carry some Vichy products as well).

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