Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep event

08. april 2015

Hello my lovelies! Today I'd like to talk to you about a gorgeous Vichy event I was invited to last week. It was all about the new addition to the Idealia line - Skin Sleep. The line already had a serum, day cream, BB cream and eye cream, but it was missing something richer, something more nourishing for night time, hence the new arrival - Skin Sleep Recovery Night gel-balm.

the event had a great attendance :)

Vichy team: Vedrana Rubil, Sandra Kljunak & Petra Mlakar Zorko

The event was held at a prestige gallery/salon (Id:doma) in the center of Ljubljana. There was plenty of room, comfy sofas to sit on, champagne and great food and of course great company. :)

We were introduced to the new product, got a chance to test all of the creams from the Idealia line and also played a fun game - Vichy Slovenija joined Instagram recently, so in order to get a product we wanted, we had to post pictures on our instagram accounts using certain hashtags. We also had to like/heart pictures that were posted by other people and so on... it was really fun and creative. :) And even if you didn't get the product you were hopping for, you still didn't go home empty handed - there were goodie bags waiting for us as we left the event. :)

a group photo of all us gorgeous beauty bloggers ;)

Aida (Lippie Hippie), yours truly & Sara (Passing Fancy)

Aida and I were even dressed for the event - we both went for something pink ;)

The best part of every event like this, is of course the mingling part and getting to know new people/beauty bloggers that share your interests. After the event all of us bloggers went for drinks and chated on some more. As always I was really happy with the event (hands down to Vichy and Luna TBWA) and I hope to attend more of them in the future.

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  1. Ti in Aida sta super družba :D Ful sta zabavne, dogodek je bil pa presenetljivo prijeten :)

    1. Ooooo... <3 Enako! Se moramo večkrat dobit kje v Ljubljani! ;)

    2. Hvala enako, Sara :D
      Drugač smo pa res lepe (če izvzamemo moj bad hair day :D) in je blo zlo fajn :)

      P.S: Aida sem, ne Ajda haha :D

    3. Oh, sram me bodi... že popravljam. :D