*Mediterranean Spa Rich moisturizing and nourishing body lotion (Lemon & Peach)

22. maj 2014

Hello darlings! Today I have a wonderful body lotion to show you. I was sent this beauty from Click2Chic (thank you!) and have been testing it out for over a month now. Want to know what I think? Then please, keep on reading... :)

I was really excited to try out this body lotion since I haven't heard of this brand before and knew nothing about it. When it comes to applying body lotion/cream/butter, I'm really, really lazy - when I come out of the shower or bath I just tend to wrap myself in my bathrobe, wrap my hair in a towel, put a face mask on and go do some other things (or watch an episode of one of my favorite TV shows). Then I'll remove the mask, blow dry my hair, take care of my face (toner, moisturizer all that) but I usually only put clothes on my body, because I just don't have the patience to wait for a body cream/lotion/butter to sink in my skin so I can get dressed. And here's where this beauty comes in the picture...

It's a gorgeous, very light lotion that smells divine (it has lemon and peach in it - so you can get an idea of the scent) and sinks into the skin within seconds (or at least under a minute). It doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky, oily or any of that jazz, so you can get dressed practically right away and your clothes won't be soaked in it. But what about it's moisturizing abilities I hear you ask. :) Well, you would think that a light lotion like this wouldn't do the job, but it moisturizes the skin perfectly - it's not too heavy yet leaves the skin feeling soft and supple (and smelling really nice) for hours! I don't have particularly dry or sensitive skin, so I can't tell you how it would work on that kind of skin, but for my, normal skin it works amazing. :) 

The packaging is also lovely - a beautifully shaped bottle with a pump so application is easy and mess-free. And the best part - it's free of PEG, parabens and other nasties, contains 100% vegetable oils, 100% vegetable extracts and has a certified formula. What more could you want?

You can get this body lotion on Click2Chic for 11,39 € and they have three more scents available - Orange & Lavander, Olive & Rose and Cedar & Mauve. I'm really tempted to try all of them, how about you? :)

How are you about taking care of your body - do you apply a body cream/lotion/butter after each shower/bath you take?

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