TIGI Catwalk Mystique blow out balm

19. april 2014

Hello lovelies and happy birthday to me! :) I'm celebrating my 24th birthday today with a cold but eating a delicious piece of cake, so everything is good in this world (that tells you a lot about me, right - just give me cake and I'm a happy camper). :) Anyhew... there's no slacking off for us beauty bloggers so I thought I'd tell you a bit about Tigi's Catwalk Mystique blow out balm today.

If you've been reading my blog for a while than you probably already know what my hair's like - fine, very soft and gets oily really fast. I don't do much with it at all, as far as styling goes (I might straighten or curl it a couple of times a year) but I do always blow dry it because I need to dry it 'into shape' - if I just leave it to air dry then it usually ends up laying very flat and not looking all that good. So, since I always use a blow dryer after I've washed my hair, I decided to try out this fella and see how it'll work for me (thank you Mateja for introducing it to me).

The balm comes in a gorgeous packaging that's also very user friendly - with a pump that makes dispensing the product onto your hands much easier. The balm itself is clear but has lovely tiny shimmer/glitter in it (that's supposed to make your hair look shiny - mine is always shiny so I can't say I notice if the balm does anything in that 'department'). It also smells very nice, artificial and hair-salon like, but very nice. :) When I used it the first time I was very worried how it would affect my hair, because it's quite thick and it could (potentially) weigh my fine hair down or even make it look greasy. Fortunately it doesn't do any of those things - it makes my hair feel great, very slick and soft, yet not weighed down at all. I could also say it becomes a bit more manageable (not that I have a huge problem with that).

I really love using this balm and I haven't skipped it yet since I got it (I've actually stopped using my Orofluido hair oil for a while because I feel like this balm kind of makes my hair look healthy and nourished, even though it doesn't claim to do that). :)

I bought this balm at Allbeauty.com for 9 € but I see it's currently out of stock (I'm sure it's going to be available soon). Have you tried this balm or any other Tigi Catwalk products - I really want to try some other things from this line. What kind of styling products do you use on your hair?

5 komentarjev:

  1. Vse najboljše :D Pojej še kakšen kos torte zame, jaz bom pa zate še malo naše potice :)
    Fino da ti je všeč ta blow out balm. Moji reviewi so večinoma za stvari ki so za zelo suhe lase, ampak tale se mi zdi da bi bil pa za vse vrste las :)

    1. Hvala Mateja! <3

      Ja, super je tale balm... zdaj me 'srbi' da bi še katere izdelke iz Catwalk linije sprobala. :D

  2. Vse najboljše ti želim :)! Uživaj v praznovanju! Pa še veliko tako odličnih objav ti želim, predvsem pa zdravja, sreče, zabave, vsega.. :)

    Tale balzam pa zgleda prav zanimiv! Imam podoben tip las kot ti: tanke, hitro obtežene in dokaj hitro mastne.. mogoče pa je za poskusit :)

    1. Hvala Sara! <3

      Ti definitivno priporočam tale balm, meni je zelo všeč!

  3. Vse najboljše in najlepše tudi v mojem imenu! :)) pa veliko uspešnega bloganja. :)

    tale balzam se sliši super, še posebej, ker imam tudi sama tanke in mastne lase. :/ morda pa ga kdaj tudi sama poskusim. :P