*Lily Lolo pressed mineral eyeshadow duo

17. april 2014

Hello my darlings! Today I have an exciting review for you, sponsored by Specia.si. They were so kind to send me this pressed mineral eye shadow duo from Lily Lolo in exchange for my thoughts. :) I'm a huge Lily Lolo fan (I absolutely love their mineral foundation in Blondie and their kabuki brush), so I was really excited to try out more products from their range.

When I received this duo in my mail I have to admit I didn't really know what to expect. Being an eyeshadow junkie and having very high standards (due to Urban Decay, Inglot and other awesome brands) I wasn't too sure I was going to like this duo - in my experience many makeup companies just can't seem to do eyeshadows right. Well, fortunately Lily Lolo surprised me and showed me that some can! :)

The packaging of the duo isn't the greatest (I found some difficulties with opening the lid and ended up scratching up the darker shade because the lid would suddenly open) but it's also not bad and it doesn't feel cheap. The whole Lily Lolo line has been or is being revamped so I hope they're going to change and improve the packaging on these duos as well. 

Both shades that come in this duo are very creamy to the touch and their pigmentation is great. I wasn't expecting that at all. I also really like the colors of both these shades - one is a lovely pinky-beige satin and the other a gorgeous deep plum/purple with a tiny hint of shimmer in it (thought it's also more of a satin than a shimmer shade). There is a wide range of makeup looks you can create with this duo - you can use only the lighter shade all over the lid (it's that kind of a color that looks great and multi-dimensional on it's own), you can pair the two together (that's what I did) or you can use the darker shade for a stronger, smokier look.

(picture taken under artificial light)

(picture taken in natural light)

As much as I was impressed with the pigmentation of these two shades whilst using my finger to apply them on my skin, I found that they don't turn out quite as pigmented on the eyes when you're applying them with makeup brushes. Now the reason for this is not that they're not pigmented or don't work well with brushes - they're actually really, really nice and because they have such a creamy, silky texture, they blend extremely well, almost too well - so if you want the colors to stand out, you need to build them up, layer them. A sticky, colored base would be a great option with this duo (I tried using my Milk pencil from NYX and the shades did turn out much better - I used only a clear eyeshadow base for the look bellow).

This duo would be excellent for someone who prefers to wear gentle eye looks or someone who just doesn't like to work with eyeshadows that are strongly pigmented - great for beginners or for people that just don't wear eyeshadow that often. Even though this duo is very natural and gentle and I tend to go quite bold on the eyes, I found myself using it quite a lot recently so that's got to tell you something. :)

I would definitely recommend this duo to any eyeshadow junkie (like myself) or a newbie. And if you don't like the shades in this particular set, you can always found one that would suit you - there are 7 more duos available to choose from and they are currently on sale for only 7.63 €.

So, what are your thoughts on this duo, would you like to wear something like this on your eyes? :) Have you tried Lily Lolo products before (if not than what are you waiting for?!)?

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  1. Krasna odtenka ampak škoda, ker na veki nista tako pigmentirana, brez podlage in dodatnega nanašanja..:) x

    1. Meni je duo res všeč in ga bom uporabljala, ampak ja, je treba barve malo večkrat nanesti in potem 'zblendat', da pridejo do izraza. :D