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02. marec 2014

Hello my lovelies! Today I have a great post for everyone who loves superheroes. I'll be covering the whole Avengers team and some extras as well. These are some really gorgeous looking men... but I did love all of the movies as well, not just the hunks that play in them. :) I've recently watched the Thor sequel - Thor: The Dark World which I thought was great, even better than the first. I also decided to re-watch some other superhero movies and I finally got around to watch Captain America (can you believe I haven't seen this movie until a few weeks ago? shame on me!). But enough of this babbling, let's meat our babes... :)


My favorite superhero of all... probably because he's not really a hero but more of a villain. He did some horrible, horrible things yet somehow I still can't hate him... actually I think I love him - the character and the gorgeous actor that is Tom Hiddleston. God is this man sexy... and intelligent and kind and sweet and just perfect. Have babies with me, please? :)


Of course I have to mention the God of Thunder next... he is Loki's brother after all. :) I think most of us ladies wouldn't mind being swept of our feet (literally) by this stunning superhero. Chris Hemswort represents Thor like no other man, I think he really IS Thor. Aaaahh... :) Heimdall, open the Bifrost will you?

Captain America

I love Captain America! :) I can't believe it took me so long to watch the movie... I really don't know what I was thinking. And I even watched The Avengers before watching this movie, before knowing anything about Captain America... shame, I feel so ashamed. :) But anyhew... let's talk about Chris Evans shall we? Is he hot or is he hot? I know right? Gorgeous looking guy and the perfect actor to portray this superhero.

Iron Man

I really don't think I have to explain much here... most of you have probably seen Iron Man and even if you didn't you still know the incredibly handsome actor that is Robert Downey Jr. Yes, this man is smoking hot and he knows it! :)


So Hawkeye doesn't have his own movie and isn't really that 'huge' of a superhero... but he still is one and still is an Avenger, so I just had to include him. Plus he did appear in the first Thor movie. :) I really like Hawkeye and I really like the actor as well - Jeremy Renner.


Last but not least is of course Hulk - the lovely yet extremely vicious green monster of a superhero. :) In the first movie (titled Hulk) Hulk is portrayed by Edward Norton. To be totally honest I wasn't really too happy with that movie. It was ok, but nothing special, pretty mediocre really, especially compared to the other superhero movies I had the pleasure of watching. However, in The Avengers, Hulk is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo and I think he did a great job at that. :)

Fandral (Thor)

An honorable mention goes to both Fandrals from Thor and Thor: The Dark World. In the first movie Fandral was portrayed by Josh Dallas (also known as prince Charming for all you Once Upon a Time fans...). In the second movie he was replaced with Zachary Levi who was practically unrecognizable due to his long blond hair and mustache. But he did play the role quite nicely and I really can't say I noticed much of a difference between the two actors. They are both very handsome indeed... :)

So, those are 'my' superheroes... which ones are your favorites? Do you even watch these kind of movies? :)

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  1. I see... You watch all of these show just because of men. :D

    1. Phahaha... ma ne no Aida, sej sm napisala, da so mi tut sami filmi všeč. :D

  2. Great post dear!
    Your blog is very interesting and nice!

  3. Ooo sem že mislila da sem edina, ki je navdušena nad temi superjunaki. :) Moja najljubša sta Iron man - the best filmi! in Thor - bolj zaradi Chrisa <3, ampak tudi filma sta bila dobra.