December's HAUL :)

09. januar 2014

Hello my lovelies! Today I'd like to share with you an amazing haul from December. I did a lot (some would say too much) shopping in December... but I just couldn't help myself - there were just so many great deals and sales going on, I had to... :)

First I 'stopped by' (as usual... seriously, I think I've placed an order with them every single month ever since I've discovered the site). They were having some great offers and sales going on, so I decided to pick up a bunch of great things...

Mario Badescu Say hello to clear collection
Too Faced La Creme lip cream (in Spice Spice Baby)
Essie Absolutely Shore
Essie Instant Hot
Essie Hors d'Oeuvres
Ciate Cookies and Cream

Money saved: 17 €

The next place I 'went to' was of course I had my eye on quite a few Antipodes products that came back in stock, so I grabbed them. And I also got an Orofluido shampoo and conditioner duo for a friend.

+ Salcura Antiac Daily Facial wash (free)

Money saved: 15.28 €

Something I got in our drugstore whilst shopping for Christmas presents, was this Maybelline mascara duo - the Rocket mascara plus the Great Lash (as a gift). Don't know exactly how much I saved, but I paid around 8 € for the duo. :)

I was or I am running out of my HG cleanser - Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish so I decided to check out their website for anything interesting... At first I only wanted to get another bottle of the cleanser but then I realized that my toner was also running low. Thankfully they were having an offer where both of these products came together in a lovely box for only £20.00. I also saw the limited edition of C&P (grapefruit and patchouli) and decided I need to try it out so in the basket it went. Of course I got a little 30 ml C&P with a muslin cloth along with my purchase, so expect a giveaway soon. :)

Cleanse & Polish Grapefruit and Patchouli limited edition
Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser
Instant Boost skin tonic

Money saved: 10 €

Last but not least, I stopped by Illamasqua - they were having some amazing discounts going on, so I just couldn't miss the chance. First I wanted to get the 75 ml bottle of Freak, but then decided to get the Freak Gift set which includes a 30 ml bottle, nail polish in Babtiste (gorgeous purple color) and an eye pencil in Sophie (black). It was reduced from £60.50 to £20.00, plus I got a special 10% discount on my mail so I saved another £2.00. The only downside were the high shipping costs, but considering how much I was saving, I decided I could live with that. :)

Freak Gift set / Coffret

Money saved: 50 €

So here you have it... my huge December haul. I'm really happy with everything I got and I'm especially happy with the amount of money I ended up saving - almost a 100 €! Now, if that's not something than I don't know what is... :)

What are you interested in the most, what would you like me to review first? :)

16 komentarjev:

  1. Zelo lepi laki. Prav praznično obarvani:) Se že veselim ocen:)

  2. No to pa je haul :) Komaj čakam ocene kreme za oči in pa swatchev od lakov :)

    1. Je kar precej stvari a ne? :D Se bo treba mal umirit... ;) Ocene pridejo kmalu...

  3. Danes sem po tvoji zaslugi tudi jaz odkrila BeautyBay in če (ko!) bankrotiram, vem, koga lahko okrivim :P Drugače pa komaj čakam na swatche lakcev, še posebej od Essie :)

    1. Hahaha... ne govori, jaz res vsak mesec nekaj pri njih naročim. :D Swatche lakcev bom najbrž kar kmalu objavila. ;)

  4. Se mi je zdel, da sem neki dans pozabila kupit.. Posodice. Crap no :D drugač pa kot vedno fajn stvarce :)

    1. Takoj kupt posodice! :D Sej boš jutri lahko vse prešnofala... ;)

  5. Kok kul haul :)! Sploh Liz Earl se mi dopade ;)...


    1. Ja, Liz Earle je super znamka... :D