Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask

15. januar 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I have a review of a lovely face mask from Antipodes. I think I first heard of it from Živa (Nothin' Fancy. Really) but later I also heard Essie (essiebutton on YouTube) raving on about Antipodes. Antipodes is a pretty expensive line so it took a while and a lot of reviews for me to order this mask... but was it worth the money? :)

I have to say it was worth it... :) However I do feel the need to tell my readers that this mask does not preform any miracles on my skin, actually I can't really say I notice any huge affects on my skin after using it. However, it does feel really nice (it's a rich, creamy mask) and leaves my skin soft and supple. And of course, it smells absolutely heavenly which is always a plus. 

Now why I say this masks doesn't do miracles for my skin... it's because it is marketed as a cleansing mask as well as a deeply moisturizing one. I'm guessing the manuka honey should be working on the cleansing part of it (since honey does have antiseptic properties) but I can't really say, if it does any of that. For instance, my Queen Helene Mint Julep masque does wonders for me and really makes a difference, it also works amazingly well as a spot treatment... whereas this mask only feels like it's moisturizing my skin. And that's great, my skin does need moisture but I believe a far cheaper mask could do the same, if you get what I'm trying to say. Maybe I would notice some more apparent effects of it, if I would use it a couple of times a week or apply it really generously, but in this case I would've probably ran out of it by now.

Now the strange part is that even though I don't find this mask to be amazing, I love it so very much. :) I love the way it feels on my skin, I absolutely adore the scent of it (it makes me happy when ever I take a whiff of it) and I just want to keep on using it. I currently own about 5 masks and I find myself reaching for this one time and time again (though I restrain myself and use others as well). The mask is very pricey - I got it for 26.88 € on Feelunique and it's a pretty small tube as well (75 ml). But even so... I have a feeling I'll be repurchasing it... over and over. :)

So what are your thoughts on this masks? Own it, want to try it out? Do you spend a lot of money on skin care? :)

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  1. Odgovori
    1. Ja, super maska je... kot sva obe rekli že na tvojem blogu - ne dela čudežev, ampak je pa zelo prijetna in tako božansko diši. :D

  2. Jo imam že dalj časa ogledano, ampak se mi zdi, da je za zdaj še ne rabim. :D Jaz imam tisto od Origins in mi je super. Ponoči si jo dam gor, zjutraj se pa zbudim s čisto nahranjeno in mehko kožo. :D

    1. Jaz ti jo priporočam... ampak po drugi strani pa tudi ne - ker je draga in ko rataš odvisen od nje, jo moreš kar kupovat. :D Mene je že strah, ko mi jo bo zmanjkalo... :)