Urban Decay b6 vitamin-infused complexion prep spray

06. november 2013

Hello my lovelies! Today's day 2 of 'Urban Decay week' and I'll be reviewing b6 vitamin-infused complexion prep spray. I bought it along with De-Slick mattifying powder because I thought the two would work great together. :)

At first I was going for the All nighter or the De-Slick setting spray, but than this one 'popped' out, as the newest spray from Urban Decay. I was intrigued by it, because it's supposed to be a vitamin-infused spray, so it's not just for setting your makeup but it actually benefits your skin as well. I've never used a prep/setting spray so it was quite exciting to try this one out (you know you're a beauty addict, when things like setting spray sound exciting). 

I tried using it in different ways, with different foundations and it works great. Sometimes I'll use it after I've moisturized my skin, after I've applied my foundation and after I've powdered - so I basically prep my skin first and then set my foundation and powder. And sometimes I'll use it only to set my makeup... because that's where it really shines in my opinion. :) I love to spray it over my foundation, it makes it look even more flawless and I love how it takes away the 'powdered' look after I've powdered - it just leaves the skin looking great. It doesn't just do the job, it also feels really nice and refreshing, so it's a joy to use. :)

I absolutely love the packaging - with two caps, it's really travel friendly and you can be sure, it won't pour out or 'spritz' around. :) The bottle also feels really nice, rubbery I would say.

As for all the claims Urban Decay states for this spray... well, I can neither confirm nor deny them. :) Partially because I haven't been using this spray long enough (at least not for 8 weeks) and partially because I know it works great and certainly has some nice effects on the skin, but I don't necessarily see them (yet).

In any case, I'm really happy with this spray. This spray and De-Slick mattifying powder have change my whole foundation/face makeup routine. I now actually enjoy putting everything on my face and I'm happy with the final look everytime. If you'd like to see for yourself, go check out my latest FOTD. :)

As for the price tag - I bought this spray on BeautyBay.com (surprise, surprise) for 24.30 €.

What are your thoughts on this spray or setting sprays in general? Do you like to use them?

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